Quiz: Answer These Random Questions And We'll Guess If You're From The South!
Answer These Random Questions And We'll Guess If You're From The South!
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: David Kozlowski/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Being from the south is unlike being from other regions in the country. Full of charm and tradition, southerners have a different experience growing up than those born anywhere else. By the time you tell us whether or not you've done 27 out of these 30 things, we will know if you are truly from the south, a transplant, or something else. 

Whether you have attended a hog roast or only heard about them will go a long way in telling us if you can consider yourself a true southerner. While we will not base the entire quiz on food, it is impossible to think about the south without mentioning some of the world's best food. In addition to your cravings, we'll take a look at some southern activities you may or may not have participated in during your life on this planet.

As we drive down the dirt road of this quiz, take a moment to remember whether you not you have tried any of the things we ask you about. Remember that you only need to have done or tried 27 out of the 30 things we ask you about. Are you as southern as biscuits and gravy? Let's find out!

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