Quiz: Are You Ready for Another Relationship?
Are You Ready for Another Relationship?
By: Brian Whitney
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About This Quiz

Most of us want to be in a relationship. There is something about being in love with someone, and having someone that loves you back, that makes life so much sweeter. But because it is so exciting to think about being in a relationship with someone, sometimes people rush things and get into a relationship too fast, and with the wrong people. 

That just leads to heartache, and then you are single again and have to start the whole process of starting a new relationship all over again. This is why it is essential to do a little soul searching so you can figure out just how ready you are to find love.

A lot of it just comes down to experience, both in life and in love. Have you already had your share of love and heartbreak? Are things together in your life with your job and finances? Do you have a lot of people that you can share your problems with? Are you comfortable with yourself? Are you looking for love just because you're lonely? If you take this quiz, you'll learn a lot about where you're at when it comes to being ready to be in a relationship. So get ready to fall in love...maybe.

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Have you ever traveled somewhere that you don't know the language?

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Have you ever done something wild like bungee jumping?

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Have you ever bought something really expensive that you wanted?

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Have you stopped judging others who are different than you?

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Have you learned how to cook?

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