If You've Done 23/30 of These Things, We Bet You're a True Texan

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The great state of Texas is truly a phenomenon unique in the United States of America. While most of the world doesn't know what a Whataburger is, Texans crave it on the daily. No one would think to pull over to the side of the highway for family pictures, but most Texan households have their family portraits in the beautiful fields of bluebonnets that pop up for only a few weeks every year. Most Americans cower at the thought of a garden snake, but Texans show no fear against the very dangerous rattlesnakes that pop up everywhere. 

From big hair to the bigger monuments, Texas has the biggest personality of all the 50 states. For some, Texas soil runs in their blood, but others just happen to find their home in the great state itself. Whether you were born and raised in the Lone Star state or chose to make it your home, once you have completed these 30 things, you are truly a Texan. Throw on your cowboy boots and get ready for this Texas quiz the size of the great state itself!

Have you done enough of these uniquely Texan things to measure up to the great state of Texas? Take this quiz and see how Texan you really are!

Have you ever been to a high school football game?

Have you ever driven a pick-up truck?

Have you eaten at Whataburger two nights in a row?

Have you ever bought corn on the side of the road?

Did you ever see an exotic animal in someone's backyard?

Have you ever helped someone on the side of the road with car troubles?

Have you ever eaten pecan pralines?

Have you ever visited Lyndon B. Johnson's ranch?

Have you ever made a pitcher of sweet tea?

Have you ever drank a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper in a day?

Have you found your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant?

Ever say a warm hello to a stranger across the road?

Have you ever bought a college football jersey that wasn't for your college?

Have you gone on a trip to see the Alamo?

Have you visited your old high school since graduation?

Have you ever attended the State Fair of Texas?

Have you hung up a metal Texas star on your porch?

Have you ever pulled off to the side of the highway to take pictures in the Texas bluebonnets?

Ever floated down a river on a tubing trip?

Have you ever been told that picking the bluebonnets of Texas is illegal?

Have you ever worn a homecoming mum?

Have you ever found yourself shopping at HEB and Walmart in the same day?

Have you ever attended a Chili Cook-Off?

Have you ever worn sandals in the winter?

Have you eaten Tex-Mex for breakfast?

Have you bought home decor that utilized horseshoes?

Have you ever made a brisket?

Have you ever found a scorpion in your yard?

Have you ever line-danced with your friends?

Have you ever taken a back road just to hit your favorite BBQ place?

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