Quiz: You May Be Ready to Move In Together If You've Done 21/30 of These Things!
You May Be Ready to Move In Together If You've Done 21/30 of These Things!
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Image Source/DigitalVision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There really is no bigger step in a relationship, besides marriage, of course, than deciding to move in together. Marriage makes things official and legal and all that, but in reality, shacking up with someone is where all the pressure is at. It is really easy to be romantic and sweet when you aren't picking someones dirty socks off the floor, and what about when the electricity gets shut off when it was his turn to pay? I am sure that will get you in the mood. A lot of it can be fun, for a while anyway. The first time you two go to the grocery store is so romantic, and waking up next to them every morning is super exciting. Then, after a while, going to the grocery store every week turns into a complete drag, and the mornings turn into you waiting for your turn to use the shower.

Don't get us wrong, there are all sorts of things that are totally fabulous about living with your significant other, but you have to make sure you're ready for it. Sharing chores, sharing bills, making a big commitment. This is making me nervous just thinking about it. Are you ready to move in together? Only if you have done at least 21 of the things on this list.

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