You're Only a True Football Fan if You've Done 19/30 of These Things!

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When it comes to sports, the word fan comes from the word fanatic, so we're talking about a lot more than casually checking in to see the score of the game. For a real football fan, rituals must be engaged in and superstitions that must be followed. If kickoff is at 1 p.m., it's likely that the preparations will begin the night before. There is tailgate food to prepare, highlights to watch from previous year's games, and plenty of smack talking to be done to the opposition.

If you're a true football fan, it won't matter if it's a high school, college, pro, or even a Pop Warner game. You're the person who will watch every single bowl game, even if you've never heard of either of the two teams who are playing. It's also likely that you've had an earpiece in one ear while attending a wedding or other formal event.

It takes hard work and dedication to make it to the top, but it seems clear that you might have what it takes to call yourself a real football fan. We see you putting on that face paint and your favorite player's jersey. Let's see if you're willing to take it to the place where we bestow the title of "Football Fanatic" on you.

Have you ever managed to watch a football game every night of the week?

Is any part of your house painted in your team's colors?

Have you ever camped out overnight to get a prime tailgating spot?

Have you ever worn face paint to a game?

Have you ever traveled more than 1,000 miles to see a game?

Have you ever called in sick to prepare mentally for a rivalry game?

Have you ever worn the jersey of your favorite player?

Have you ever taken a date to a football game?

Have you ever lost your voice cheering for your team?

Have you ever listened to a football game on earplugs while attending a formal event?

Have you ever watched ESPN from the moment you woke up until the moment you went to sleep on game day?

Has the result of a football game ever determined your mood for an entire week?

Do you have season tickets to your favorite team?

Have you ever diagrammed your own play?

Have you ever put your team's flag on your car?

Have you ever had a photo of a player or coach from your team on display in your home?

Have you ever gotten into a yelling match with a fan from the opposing team?

Have you ever gotten into a physical altercation with a fan from the opposing team?

Have you ever gotten emotional when you walked into your team's stadium?

Have you ever managed more than one fantasy football team at a time?

Do you have specific game day rituals that you stick to?

Have you ever worn the same article of clothing, without washing it, during a winning streak?

Have you ever hugged a total stranger during an amazing play?

Do you know the lyrics to obscure songs related to your team?

Have you ever created a game day playlist to get you fired up?

Have you ever scheduled important events around the football season?

Have you ever bought an item that was not useful to you at all just because it had your team's logo on it?

Have you ever returned a gift just because it had the colors of your team's rival in it?

Have you ever attended off-season practices or scrimmages?

When does the season begin for you?

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