Quiz: Think You Could Be a Baker? Take This Quiz!
Think You Could Be a Baker? Take This Quiz!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

With the rise of home cooking shows and a sense that it helps restore normality in a world gone mad, baking is definitely back (and for many, of course, it never left). The Great British Baking Show - known to its home audience as the The Great British Bake-Off - reminded us that baking is the ultimate in civil, predictable, relaxing hobbies. If you combine the right ingredients in the right order and bake them at the right temperature, magic will occur - and if you do it the same every time, it will be (almost) exactly the same every time.

Baking is something anyone can learn to do, and while doing it very well is the province of experts and professionals, doing it well enough to feed yourself a varied and delicious variety of dishes is not hard at all. Perhaps you might not be able to deliver a flawless croquembouche first time out, but if you can count to four, you can certainly knock out a simple chocolate cake or a chicken pie.

This quiz is for everyone who believes in knowing what goes into your food, in hearty meals and handy ovens, and in using the right word for the right item. Let's see how you do!

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