Your Vocabulary Says a Lot About Your Personality

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Most people think that you are what you eat, but we think you are what you say! As you go through this quiz, we are not looking to see how impressive your vocabulary might be. Instead, we are attempting to learn about you by seeing the words that you tend to use in your everyday speech. 

When you read our questions, try to avoid thinking about the answers too much. Simply choose the response that resembles the word you use most often. Once you're done, we will relate all the words you've chosen to the known personality traits throughout psychological realms. Every word you pick matters, but it's the sum at the end that matters the most! Do you think your words will give you away, or will we be led astray by your intelligence? 

Whether you use the biggest words possible or you simply get to the point, we'll pick up on the things you are saying when you're saying something. You are giving off a lot more than what comes out of your mouth, and you'll give us enough information to make an accurate call. Will we get your personality as right as your best friend would? We think we will!

If you think something is swell, how do you describe it?

Do you carry a bag, a satchel or a purse?

What do you usually call your skivvies?

If something is large, how do you describe it?

Do you have supper, dinner or tea?

What do you carry out to the curb once a week?

Complete this sentence: I am as ______ as an owl.

Which word do you use instead of "pretty"?

Where do you heat up mac and cheese?

Fill in the blank: I really ______ my nosy coworker.

What do you call the end of a loaf of bread?

Which word would you use to describe neon pink?

Finish this sentence: Rainbows always fill me with ______.

What is another way to refer to a cat?

If you are tired, how do you express it with one word?

What is the biggest piece of furniture in your living room called?

Fill in the blank: Maria's party was swanky and ______.

What do you usually call your workspace?

Which pet name do you call your sweetheart?

Complete this sentence: In the mornings, I am _____.

Which word pops out of your mouth when you see a baby?

Are they tennis shoes or sneakers?

Which text abbreviation do you use most?

Do you make casseroles or hotdishes?

Which word do you use for man's best friend?

Do you say "plenty" or "abundance"?

Fill in the blank: Lori has ____ collections.

Do you tend to subtract to take away?

How do you describe something that's over the top?

Which word would you use to sum up a dish you didn't like?

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