Your Taste in Men Will Reveal Your Future Relationship Status

By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

Do you want to know what the future holds for you in the relationship department? Learning about your tastes in men can make it happen! This quiz is designed to detect little clues and patterns you might overlook because you are so familiar with yourself. We'll examine what you find socially acceptable, and we'll take a look deep inside your personal tastes to see where you might be headed in the future. Will it be a walk down the aisle or a lifetime of common law commitment? 

Are you scared you might end up the spinster with 100 cats? Taking this quiz is also a good way for you to see where you are headed, and if necessary, to correct your course. You might like the bad boys, but are they actually good for you? Where would a relationship end up with a bad boy in ten years? You have to think about these sort of things before you can go any further in life! 

Whether you prefer the type of guy that is unashamed to cry over sappy movies or you prefer the tough guy with the stiff upper lip says a lot about your future. Will you end up with a pile of alimony or will you start your very own family tribe? Let's find out! 

What surprise gift would you prefer a guy give you?

How do you feel about beards?

Do you like the romantic type?

What is the most important quality your look for in a future date?

Where would a guy take you an a dream date?

What kind of man do you usually attract?

What field could you see your perfect man working in?

Do you prefer guys with big muscles?

What male physical feature are you most attracted to?

Do you prefer men that are tall?

What type of guy have you dated the most?

Do you prefer a more dominant or a more submissive guy?

What trait would you look for in a future husband?

Would you enjoy a guy that could cook?

What's your favorite non-sexual thing to do in bed with a guy?

How do you feel about sensitive guys?

How would you describe your most recent ex?

Do you like clingy guys?

How many texts per day is it okay for a guy to send you?

What kind of shoes look best on a man?

Do you like the professional type?

Does a guy need to like going shopping with you?

If you were feeling down, how would you want a guy to cheer you up?

Do you prefer city boys or country boys?

Would you ever date an attractive male coworker?

Do you need to agree with man politically to date them?

What would be a deal breaker when it comes to dating man?

Who usually wears the pants in your relationships?

Does it freak you out when men get too serious too fast?

What pet name would you prefer a man call you?

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