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Bones are the best support system you'll ever have. How much do you know about your skeletal system?

Babies are born with how many bones?

Dozens will begin to fuse as babies grow into adulthood.


"Wormian bones" are sometimes found where?

These are "bonus" pieces that some people are born with. Sometimes they can indicate bone diseases.


How many bones are in the adult human body?

There are 26 alone in each foot.


In addition to motor vehicle accidents, what causes most fractures of the jawbone?

The jawbone is the strongest bone in the face, so it takes a lot of force to break it.


In addition to calcium, what vitamin can help ward off osteoporosis, a disease that causes a weakening of the bones?

Reducing smoking and alcohol consumption can also help to prevent this problem.


Which bone do humans most often break?

Arm breaks make up around 50% of bone breaks in adults.


Bones gain density until about what age?

To maintain good density, it is best to eat well and exercise regularly.


What is the tailbone's scientific name?

It's usually made of between three and five fused segments.


True or False: Including the wrist, the human hand contains 28 bones.

The wrist and hand are home to 27 bones.


How many people are born with an extra rib?

It's an uncommon trait but one that can cause problems by pressing on nerves or blood vessels.


What is ossification?

Some bones start off entirely as cartilage and turn into bone as humans age.


What is the strongest bone in the human body?

The femur is also the longest bone in the body.


Scoliosis affects which part of the skeletal system?

It causes sideways curvature of the spine and can cause back pain.


What is the Phenice method used for?

The bones of the pelvis are particularly helpful for this task.


Where is the shortest bone in the human body?

A bone called the stapes is only about a tenth of an inch long.


The scapula connects the humerus to which bone?

The scapula is the shoulder blade.


Which bone do children most often break?

The thin midpoint and exposed position make the collarbone prone to fractures.


How many bones are in the human rib cage?

Without your rib cage, your major organs would sag into each other and you would look really, really weird.


To which process does haematopoiesis refer?

Bones are vital to the creation of both red and white blood cells.


What does the word "incus" mean in Latin?

The incus is an anvil-shaped bone in the middle ear.


Collagen imparts which characteristic to bones?

Your bones need a bit of give, otherwise they'd fracture with every significant impact.


What body part slides out of place during a patellar dislocation?

Young females athletes are particularly vulnerable to this event, which can be incredibly painful.


How far do the joints in the human skull shift to absorb hard blows?

The skull is very hard and the joints don't normally shift at all once they've fused.


Sesamoid bones are a type of bone found where?

They appear in tendons, too, helping add strength and durability.


What does the sternum resemble?

The sternum, which is in the center of your rib cage, seems like a single bone but is actually three different segments.


Where is the hyoid located?

It's important for speech, and it's the only bone not connected to another.


If you damage your vomer, you'll have a problem with which body part?

The vomer is part of your nose's structure.


How many teeth are in the adult mouth?

That is, as long as you brushed properly and didn't get into any hockey fights.


You'll find the xiphoid process in which area?

It's the bottom tip of the sternum; sometimes this part breaks during CPR, with severe consequences.


How many pieces make up the front bone of the skull?

This bone is one of the most important in your body, shielding your brain from frontal blows.


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