If You and Your Significant Other Both Pass This Quiz, You'll Be Together Forever

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The course of true love rarely runs smoothly, but it is far more likely to do so if the people who are in love are willing to compromise, treat each other respectfully even when things are going horribly wrong, put their partner first, and truly admit to themselves and each other what their vulnerabilities are. 

A relationship can't be founded on a bedrock of lies, nor will it function well if either party is more in it for themselves than they are for the team. It's hard work getting it right, but the payoff is tremendous.

Naturally, none of this applies to you and your significant other. After all, your relationship is one of pure harmony. You're emotionally mature people with good boundaries who know never to let a conflict go un-tackled and who are on the same page about all of the major issues a couple could possibly face: money, religion, kids, lifestyle, and so on. 

You magically know what your partner wants in bed, and you absolutely never imagine your single life. Infidelity is an impossibility, disappointment a myth, and the odds of breaking up are between slim and none. Right? 

Just in case you want to confirm that one more time, maybe you should take this quiz.

Do you know how your boo takes their coffee?

If you weren't lovers, would you be friends?

Do you like their family?

Do you see your boo in your future 50 years from now?

If they gained 20lbs, would you still love them?

If you gained 20lbs, would they still love you?

Can you just sit quietly together and not talk, and be completely comfortable?

How would you characterize your disagreements?

Do you know how they feel about kids?

Do you respect their attitude to faith, whatever it is?

Would you change anything about them if you had a magic wand?

Have you ever been through a difficult period health-wise, and not broken up?

How about a period where you struggled financially?

What's the biggest secret you've kept from them?

How often do you need to be the heck away from them for a while?

Do you complain about them to your friends?

How often do you thank them?

How often do you laugh together?

If you suddenly won a holiday, and could choose between two destinations, would you choose their favorite or your favorite?

How accurately can you order for each other at a restaurant?

Do you feel like they absolutely support your dreams?

How often do you go to bed angry at each other?

Would you trust them with the password to your phone and email?

How about with access to your bank account?

How often do you find yourself eyeing other people with interest?

Do you mind when your boo spends a night out with their friends?

Do you have any hobbies in common?

What's something cool you've learned from your boo?

What's something cool you've taught to your boo?

How often do you brag about your boo to other people?

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