Quiz: If You Were a Wild Horse, What Breed Would You Be?
If You Were a Wild Horse, What Breed Would You Be?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Horses have been integral to the development of human civilization. From the invention of the harness - which supplanted the noose and thus made horses' superior strength available to humans - the horse has enabled humans to plow large swaths of land and to travel swiftly between different areas. 

Horses have also been our companions as well as our colleagues. They have pulled freight on our canals. They have served as taxis. They have entertained us with racing and scurry driving and even the dancing horses of the Lipizzaners. They have fought in our wars and carried our heroes.

Part of the reason that horses have been so versatile and capable of serving in so many ways is that they adapt to their environment. Island horses tend to become smaller and sturdier. Desert horses become rangy and fast. Mountain horses become surefooted and tough. 

Breeding has helped them along the way, but their natural genetic diversity between different breeds means they've essentially come predisposed to be able to fulfill many roles. Just as their physicality varies, so do their personalities - a lot like us humans! That means each of us has a wild horse who best represents us. Let's see which one you are!

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