Quiz: How Many Of These ACT Words Do You Know?
How Many Of These ACT Words Do You Know?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Crack open a dictionary and get ready to ace this quiz. Unless you think you know ACT words like the back of your hand! Some may be more commonly used, while others you may not have heard before. But both are just as hard to define! If you think you're a word whiz, then you'll have to put your skills to the test.

Do you know words like "adulation," "deleterious" and "burgeon"? What about "circuitous," "orator" and "superfluous"? OK, now tell us what they mean! You'll need to remember definitions for this quiz. You can't ask for its use in a sentence to help you out here!

Can you match a word to its definition or synonym? Do you know which ACT word would be used to express admiration? What about the word that is synonymous with the word "florid"? Too easy? If you said yes, then we'd say that you're pretty prepared for this quiz!

Expanding your vocabulary is an incredible way to learn and gain new understanding. Without words, where would we be today? So, ACT aces, if you could answer any of the questions above, then get ready to prove your knowledge. Show off your vocabulary skills by taking this quiz!

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