Quiz: Can You Ace This FBI Entrance Exam?
Can You Ace This FBI Entrance Exam?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a venerable place in the history of U.S. law enforcement. It also fascinates Hollywood: from the fairly realistic "Silence of the Lambs" to the paranormal (and sometimes paranoid) craziness of "The X-Files," screenwriters have loved to write about the workings of the Bureau -- or what they *imagine* to be its workings. The truth is, a number of films and TV shows wildly miss the mark in terms of realism. 

But maybe you think that you've avoided buying into the fallacies. Maybe you feel that you know what it'd take to get into the FBI, to train at the famous Academy at Quantico, and to do the real work that follows. If so, we've got a quiz for you!

Okay, we can't give you a background check, an in-person interview, or a physical-fitness exam like the Bureau would. But we will throw you some logic questions like you might find on the FBI's computerized exam, and some ethical dilemmas to solve. We'll also ask a few personality questions, to gauge whether you've got the right character to work for the FBI. All in all, we're going to put you through a mental wringer -- just like the FBI's exam would do. Can you get the coveted 29-or-more right? Find out now!

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Do you need a background in police work to be an FBI agent?
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Which of these languages would it NOT be beneficial to speak?
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After a hard day at work, which of these would you most like to do?
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Is it accurate to call the FBI a national police force?
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Which of these skills is the FBI willing to teach an agent with no prior expertise?
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Which of these backgrounds is NOT terribly relevant to FBI work?
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What would an agent-in-training do on the "Yellow Brick Road"?
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Which of these is the best response to this statement: "If a co-worker is falling behind at work, I speak to him or her before going to a superior."
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Which of these is unimpeachable evidence of guilt or innocence?
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A bat and a ball, purchased together, cost $1.10. The bat costs one dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?
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How many miles must you run as part of your physical assessment?
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Under what circumstances do the Miranda rights come into play?
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To decide which son should inherit his land, a rancher challenges his two sons to have a race to a distant town -- but the son with the slowest horse will win! Can the sons resolve this problem without stretching the race out indefinitely?
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Does a crime have to be interstate in nature before the FBI is called in to help?
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You are on your way to work when you see a dog hit by a car. There's an important meeting at work today, but the dog is badly injured. How might you best deal with the situation?
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Which of these is protected under the Fourth Amendment?
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A rare-coin dealer has been secretly selling Roman coins with the image of Julius Caesar and the date "67 BC" on them. How do you deal with this situation?
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A lie detector is more formally known as a _______.
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Can the FBI make you take a lie-detector test before accepting you to the Academy?
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A fellow agent is going through a rough divorce, and her job performance reflects that. In fact, it's starting to hurt the whole team's effectiveness. What is your best course of action?
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A colleague has been coming to work smelling like marijuana. When you ask him about it, he sheepishly says his new girlfriend smokes it, despite his disapproval. What do you do next?
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How long, according to the law, can interrogations last?
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You're questioning a person who prefaces answers with "I think it was ..." or "I sort of remember that ...". What does this suggest to you?
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Financial misdeeds are called ______ crimes.
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Is there such a thing as "blue collar" crime?
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At the Academy, where would you and fellow trainees go through practice scenarios like a hostage rescue or a bank robbery?
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What is the maximum age to apply to the FBI?
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