Quiz: If You Get 29/35 on This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through Med School
If You Get 29/35 on This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through Med School
By: Monica Lee
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Biology, psychology, biochemistry, general chemistry, sociology, physics and organic chemistry. These are some of the subjects a pre-med student needs to know in depth! Just in case you're serious about taking the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) this quiz contains sample questions and answers gathered from two sources, the Kaplan Test Prep website and the M Prep site at www.mcatquestion.com with 2015 exam questions. This version is important to note since new content was added in 2015, specifically psychology and sociology curriculum. The MCAT now contains four sections, each scored on a scale of 118 to 132 for a cumulative score range of 472 to 528.

To put it simply, a pre-med student needs to know all things science-related. In other words, most everything. In this quiz there are questions about what is the response of the immune system to downregulation of MHC molecules on somatic cells (natural killer cells induce apoptosis of affected cells.) As well as physics questions such as how much work is done by a six-foot man lifting a 100 lb weight one foot above his head (700 foot pounds). Are you still up for the challenge? Then student, teach thyself, by taking this quiz. If you get 29 out of 35 on this quiz, you can fake your way through med school!

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A drug is used that prevents the conversion of angiotensin I to angiotensin II. What is a likely effect of this drug?
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For a particular population, the crude death rate (per 1000) individuals is found to be 8.6 in 2016 and drops to 5.8 in 2017. If the population size is 46,000,000 individuals and the death rate is expected to decline at a linear fashion at the same rate, how many individuals will be expected to die in 2018?
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Which of the following is/are true with regard to neurulation? I. The neural tube differentiates from endoderm. II. The neural tube becomes the peripheral nervous system. III. Neural crest cells migrate from their original site.
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A person suffers from food poisoning after eating a spoiled lemon, and later finds that the smell of limes and other citrus fruits make her nauseous. This is an example of:
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How many different types of gametes would be produced by an organism of genotype AabbCcDdEE, if all of the genes assort independently?
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A woman comes to the doctor with a two-week history of complete paralysis of her left arm. She has had no injury to the extremity, and full neurological workup fails to demonstrate any underlying cause. She seems surprisingly unconcerned about the paralysis, and seems more worried about an argument she had one month ago in which she hit her daughter. Based on this information, the woman’s most likely diagnosis is:
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A 6 ft man lifts a 100-lb weight from the floor to a height 1 ft above his head.How much work is done in lifting the weight?
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A patient who resides in the United States says, “I love you,” and hugs his doctor after every routine visit. This behavior violates which of these?
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The RAG complex in somatic recombination is essential to producing the high variability in V(D)J antibodies in T and B cells. A person with a mutation in the RAG complex which renders the complex nonfunctional is likely to experience which one of the following problems?
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Which of the following would be expected in a population of eukaryotic cells under low-oxygen stress?
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Which of the following does the change in entropy of a system NOT depend on?
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Which of the following contents of HIV is most vital for the ability of HIV to insert its genomic data into the genome of the host?
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In the Krebs cycle, malate and NAD+ are converted to NADH and oxaloacetate. The malate converts to oxaloacetate by having one of its alcohol groups converted into a carbonyl. From the perspective of malate, this type of reaction is an example of which of the following?
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With respect to IR spectroscopy, a hydroxyl group typically contributes which of these? I. narrow peak. II. broad peak. III. peak around 3300 cm-1. %0D IV. peak around 1600 cm-1.
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Certain functional groups will absorb at multiple different wavelengths in infrared spectroscopy. This absorbance at multiple wavelengths is due to
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A ball of weight 20N sits at the bottom of a 100m pool. Buoyancy force is calculated and is determined to be 30N. Approximately how long will it take for the ball to rise to the surface?
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Histone methylation that weakens the association of histones with DNA results in which of these?
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In the hydrolytic reaction between deuterated water (D2O) and a peptide, deuterium will be found on the products in which of the following bonds?
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Which of the following amino acid substitutions would likely have the greatest impact on the 3-dimensional structure of a protein?
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RNA interference (RNAi) is a mechanism by which short RNA sequences bind onto specific targets of RNA molecules. One of its consequences is the targeting of RNA molecules for intracellular destruction. This protects cells against viral and other infectious RNA molecules. In this capacity, RNAi's function is analogous to which of the following?
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A box sits atop a frictionless ramp and then from rest, slides down it, achieving some speed at the very bottom (before it hits the floor). For that same box to achieve a speed (at the bottom of the ramp) twice as fast as the original, how much taller should a new ramp be?
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Crystallography is a visualization technique to determine the arrangement of atoms in solids. It has been incredibly useful in discovering the structures of many proteins, such as hemoglobin. Difficulties arise when crystallography is attempted on non-polar molecules, such as proteins high in valine or alanine. Using this information, which of the following would be most difficult to visualize using crystallography?
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