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Football is a tough sport that takes mental strength, discipline and a competitive spirit. These qualities must be amplified for those players who want to make it to football's biggest stage, the Super Bowl. Those who fail to display these qualities, however, are usually weeded out well before they even make it to the NFL. Do you think you have the knowledge and wherewithal to not only make it but to win the Super Bowl? Find out with this quiz!

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting contests in the world. Football fans from all over gather to watch it, journalists and commentators spend weeks discussing it, and football players dedicate years of their life preparing for it. That's why the game is not to be taken lightly. For someone who wants to win the Super Bowl, they have to know as much if not more than every other person involved. 

Would you say you're an expert on everything football? Do you know schemes and strategies? How well do you know positions on the field and their responsibilities? If you think your knowledge exceeds those who already play in the NFL, take this quiz and prove that you could win the Super Bowl!

What is a forward throw called?

No player has thrown for more passing yards in a season than Peyton Manning in 2013. That year, he put up 5,477 yards through the air.


How many downs does an offense have to obtain a first down?

Tom Brady has led the Patriots' offense to all five of their Super Bowls. The offense has adapted as needed under Brady, but they have been known for a style that picks up first down after first down, demoralizing the defense.


Which player snaps the ball to start a play?

Jim Otto played center for the Raiders from 1960 until 1974. He made 12 Pro Bowls during that time, helping guide the Raiders to national prominence.


How many yards is a normal first down without a penalty?

During a game in the 2013 season, the Saints dominated the Dallas Cowboys 49-17, picking up a record-setting 40 first downs along the way. The previous record of 39 was held by the 1988 New York Jets and 1990 Washington Redskins.


How long is the football field not including the end zones?

Tony Dorsett, former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, once took a handoff from Danny White that went 99 yards. The play will forever live on as the longest play from scrimmage in NFL history.


How many players are allowed on each side of the ball?

Few teams have dominated the NFL like the Patriots since they won their first Super Bowl in 2001. Since then, the Patriots have won seven more AFC championships and four more Super Bowls.


What is the zone inside your opponent's 20-yard line called?

The red zone is the most difficult place to score on the football field, as turnovers become a more common occurrence​. The difficulty comes from offenses not having as much room to work with.


Which penalty is called when an offensive lineman grabs the jersey of a defensive player rushing the quarterback?

The Chicago Bears have led the league in penalties 16 times throughout the history of the franchise. That's more than any other team in league history.


What is it called when a defensive player tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage during a pass play?

Bruce Smith played defensive end in the NFL for the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins. Throughout his career, he racked up 200 sacks, the most all-time.


Which penalty is called when an offensive player jumps before the ball is snapped?

No team lost more yards in 2017 for false starts than the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team was penalized 24 times for 115 yards.


What's a forward pass to a receiver with blockers in front called?

Screen passes are often high-percentage throws, which can fluff a quarterback's stats. That's why some quarterbacks who come from screen-heavy offenses in college aren't as highly sought after as others.


What line divides the offense from the defense?

Most coaches accept that games are won and lost in the trenches, where the offensive and defensive lines compete for dominance. However, many of these positions are still often overlooked during the NFL draft.


What can an offense do on fourth down to change field position?

In 1994, Robert Bailey returned the longest punt in NFL history against the Saints. During the return, Bailey went 103 yards for a touchdown.


Which penalty is called when a quarterback is hit after throwing the ball?

Players often complain that Tom Brady is overprotected by referees, getting numerous roughing the passer calls. However, Brady isn't much of a scrambling quarterback, so the calls are easier to make.


What's called if a quarterback purposely throws the ball out of bounds while in the pocket?

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers has proven himself to be one of the most gifted quarterbacks the game has ever seen. His arm is incredible, but his ability to scramble outside the pocket and still make a play is something special to watch.


How many points is a field goal worth?

Matt Prater set the NFL record for the longest field goal in NFL history at 64 yards. The kick came at the end of the first half against the Tennessee Titans while Prater was playing for the Broncos in 2013.


How long is an NFL quarter?

Fast-paced offenses try to get in as many possessions per quarter as possible. The concept is that the more chances the offense has to score, the better the team's chance of success.


What is the most appropriate term for when the defense catches a pass?

During the 2014-15 Super Bowl, Russell Wilson threw an interception near the end of the game on one of the most controversial calls ever. Commentators and players alike criticized the Seahawks for throwing the ball instead of handing it off to Marshawn Lynch, one of the best running backs in the NFL that season.


Which defensive players stuff the middle of the offensive line to stop the run?

You might remember "Mean" Joe Greene from that classic Coca-Cola commercial where he gives his jersey to a kid. However, most football fans remember him as the leader of the Steel Curtain, the defensive line for the Steelers during the '70s.


Where do you score?

The Giants and the Redskins put up the highest scoring game in NFL history on November 27, 1966. In the game, the Redskins crushed the Giants 72-41.


Which penalty is called when a defensive player lines up over the line of scrimmage?

An offsides penalty is worse than a rookie mistake. Coaches try to drive this out of players as far back as youth football.


What's it called when the quarterback lines up a few yards behind the center?

Many quarterbacks, particularly those who call their own plays, stay in the shotgun formation for a majority of the game. This gives them a better view of the defense, allowing for the best play calls to be made.


How many yards is a delay of game call?

Delay of game calls are often brought about in loud stadiums where the offense can't hear the quarterback make checks at the line of scrimmage. Seattle has such as a stadium, and they even call their fans the "12th man" because of how loud they can be.


How many forward passes are allowed during one play?

Before Drew Bledsoe was replaced by Tom Brady in New England, he was the leader of the Patriots' offense. While playing for the Patriots in 1994, Bledsoe completed 45 passes during a game against the Vikings, setting the NFL record for completions in one game.


Which type of run requires the running back to run to the sideline before turning the ball forward behind his blockers?

Speed backs such as Darren Sproles have made a living off of using their speed to get to the outside. Once in the open field, these running backs are extremely dangerous because of their explosive ability.


Which defensive players defend the deep center of the field?

When you think of great NFL safeties, it's hard not to remember Ronnie Lott. He was a four-time Super Bowl champion and made 10 Pro Bowl appearances.


Which defensive player typically covers receivers on the outside of the field?

Darrelle Revis played cornerback for several teams in the NFL, with his longest stint being with the New York Jets. During his prime, quarterbacks often avoided throwing to his side of the field, which was known as "Revis Island."


Which defensive players are known for getting after the quarterback on third and long?

Two defensive ends, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney, played opposite each other for the Colts from 2003 until 2012, at which point Freeney left the team. During their time together, they wrecked offensive backfields, winning one Super Bowl together during the 2006 season.


What is it called when a quarterback fakes a pass then runs the ball behind his blockers?

Cam Newton is one of the greatest running quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen. However, his running ability also means he takes many shots from opposing defenders, which isn't good for any quarterback.


How many points is a touchdown worth?

Jerry Rice played wide receiver beside two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. He scored 208 touchdowns throughout his career, the most all-time.


How many offensive players line up on the line of scrimmage?

Offenses will sometimes run unbalanced looks to confuse the defense. This is when there are more players on the line of scrimmage on one side of the ball than the other.


How many defensive players must line up on the line of scrimmage?

Defenses are given much more freedom when it comes to moving players around. Some defenses will overload the line of scrimmage to put pressure on the offense, while others play a safer game by keeping their players back.


Which position is typically responsible for blocking the quarterback's blind side?

Jonathan Ogden spent his entire NFL career at tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. He helped lead the Ravens to a 34-7 victory over the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV.


How long is the NFL play clock?

Ball-control offenses hold onto the football until the very last seconds of the play clock. Their objective is to keep the opposing team's offense off the field and give their own defense time to rest.


How long is an NFL overtime?

On Christmas in 1971, the Chiefs and Dolphins went into two overtimes in an AFC Divisional Playoff Game. The game lasted 82 minutes and 40 seconds, which made it the longest game in NFL history.


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