Quiz: If You Get 100% on This Car Symptoms Quiz, You Probably Know More Than Your Mechanic
If You Get 100% on This Car Symptoms Quiz, You Probably Know More Than Your Mechanic
By: Deborah Beckwin
Image: Pexels by Craig Adderley

About This Quiz

Owning and maintaining a car involves at the very least knowing a good mechanic or being on top of taking your car in for servicing. There are so many issues which can come up – even when you have taken care of your car well. Some can be minor fixes, but others can be symptoms of a major problem that you have to fix ASAP.

We usually know what to do when certain warning lights come on in a car's dashboard. But what about a sound that you can't place? It's that annoying rattling, or a hissing that starts when you turn your car off. Or maybe your car shakes as you drive it, or you're starting to smell exhaust or gas in the car.

 Whatever the issue, it's helpful to know some of the common issues that can come with a weird sound or an odd smell. 

Cars today are incredibly complex and sophisticated because a car's computer controls mostly everything in a car. So even switching out your car's battery can be a little bit more complicated than it used to be. Because of that complexity, you'll want to consult your trusty mechanic for any problems or concerns you come across.

So are you ready to take this car symptoms quiz? We're sure you'll come across the finish line first with a checkered flag. Good luck and drive safely!

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