You Could Only Pass a Police Entrance Exam if You've Done 18/30 of These Things

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About This Quiz

The world we live in changed, but criminals did not. Even now they prey upon the weak, the sick, the unwary and the helpless. They lie, they steal, they even kill in order to get what they want. But not on YOUR watch. You're the thin blue line that keeps the seething tide of chaos from bleeding over into the fragile world we live in. You're out there every night, tracking down perps, securing crime scenes and doing the legwork you need to keep us all safe from mankind's darkest impulses. It's a dirty, dangerous job, and for the pittance you're paid you might end up giving up everything you've got- your very life- to a city that doesn't even know your name. But you know what? You wouldn't have it any other way.

.....If you take our quiz, that is. I mean, that's the way you see yourself, of course, but what kind of cop would you REALLY be? We've put together a series of questions and scenarios designed to wrest your police identity from the skeins of fate and emblazon it onto your computer screen, a badge of honor to show your friends and family so they know hey, you mean business! And the criminal underworld? They better be ready....because you're coming for them.

The suspect is escaping into the old abandoned warehouse! What do you do?

It's a hostage situation. What do you say to the perp?

How did you do on the firing range?

What's your new uniform?

What's your one weakness?

They say the mob boss is untouchable. What do YOU say?

The Police Chief is complaining about your unorthodox ways. What do you do?

What kind of Chief do you get along with?

Your favorite cop movie?

Who is your nemesis?

What is your sidearm?

When the suspect sneeringly tells you that "We're alike, you and I...", what do you say?

What's your brew of choice?

Which of these nicknames does the criminal underworld give you?

What is your police dog?

How do you deal with your new rookie partner?

Where will you likely be stationed?

What do you wear when you go undercover?

Your favorite snack on the go?

What is your motto?

Where would you like to work?

Your favorite police story?

How do you unwind with the other officers?

What is your kind of evidence?

Your feelings on Batman?

What's your perfect case?

Can you master the driving course they call "K2"?

What shocking realization just rattled the big case you're working on?

How do you start the interrogation?

What does the newspaper say about you?

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