Quiz: If You Can Name All of These Colors, You Can Fake Your Way As a Fashion Designer
If You Can Name All of These Colors, You Can Fake Your Way As a Fashion Designer
By: Monica Lee
Image: Vizerskaya / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Are you dying (pun intended) to know what colors will be on-trend for the rest of summer and this coming fall and winter season? Then welcome fashionistas to the quiz that will have you blowing on your lavender fingernails and polishing them on your sky-blue jacket. 

You've probably been wearing all nuances from lavender to pink this summer. And once the weather gets cooler, the fashion gurus predict a warm dip into earth colors, from luxurious browns to golden yellows and rusty oranges. Naturally, there will be soft touches, like a peachy pink for an accent of femininity.

As a trendsetter, you know that fashion never stands still. And as the weather gets even chillier you’ll find more daring trends of color that will break the earthen landscape. From orange-based hues to strong violets to amber-reds and vivid greens. These colors will direct the eye to the most attractive areas of the body, provide movement and allow a stop-and-stare moment for entrances. 

Now it’s your turn. Take a cat walk into this quiz with the utmost confidence. Find out if you have the know-how to fake it as a fashion designer. You'll do great, you're golden! (Metallic that is, not matte.) 

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