Quiz: Can You Identify All Of These Kitchen Tools And Gadgets?
Can You Identify All Of These Kitchen Tools And Gadgets?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Kaboompics.com / Pexels

About This Quiz

HOT stuff! Here is a mouthwatering quiz to satisfy the home chef in you!

When creating masterpieces in the kitchen, there is no shortage of tools and gadgets to help you get the job done. Like, who knew there were so many different types of knives? From shucking oysters to dicing herbs - there seems to be a knife for every culinary task. 

Take that crescent-shaped knife, for example. Do you know what that one is used for? Better yet, do you know what it is called? We put it in the quiz, so jump right in and take a swing at it!

There is nothing quite like digging into a soft-boiled egg - perhaps with some perfectly browned toast fingers (a.k.a. soldiers). Getting the top off the egg can be a challenge, however, unless you have one of those handy little gadgets specially designed for it. Can you tell what tool we are thinking of? Take the quiz, and let's see if you are right!

Do you think you have got the mad skills required to whip up just about anything in the kitchen? If you do, then you can probably identify every single one of these kitchen tools and gadgets. Take a crack at the quiz and see how you do!

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