If You Can Get Every One of These SAT Words, Your Vocabulary May Be in the 99th Percentile

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The SAT, formally known as the Scholastic Assessment Test, is an examination that was designed by a non-profit organization known as College Board. It is given to prospective university students in order for them to be accepted by various colleges. Of course, GPA and other personal qualities are considered as well, but this test score is very important.

Said exam contains math problems and requires reading and writing. In this quiz we will focus solely on the reading and writing portion of the SAT. We want to give you some of the toughest SAT words that we know of, in order to test your readiness for the writing and language section. 

So, if you're really eager to find out just how ready you are for the SAT, this quiz is definitely the place to start. To the best of your ability, tell us the meanings of these words and their possible synonyms, and we'll determine how much you really know. 

Some of these words are quite tough and may mislead you. But if you're meant to ace the SAT, then there's no reason why you should have any trouble with this test. So, if you're ready to measure your readiness, let's get started. 

What does the word "despot" mean?

This word refers to a leader who practices an autocratic style of leadership. He/she has supreme power that is often exercised in a harsh manner. "Despot" is a word derived from a type of governance known as despotism.

What does the word "negligent" mean?

A negligent person fails to exercise responsibility that is expected or required in a specific situation. Someone who is negligent may also be seen as irresponsible or careless. In some circumstances, the negligent person can be tried in court.

What does the word "beguile" mean?

To "beguile" is to mislead someone or to manipulate a situation in your favor by being very pleasant and charismatic. Beguile can also mean to engage in enjoyable activities to help pass the time.

What comes to mind when you see the word "pernicious"?

Something "pernicious" is defined as something or someone that inflicts harm slowly, over a period of time. An example of a pernicious substance would be a poison that does not take immediate effect, but instead leads to death after a few years.

What does the word "abject" mean?

"Abject" is used to describe circumstances that are extremely bad or severe. For example: "She lives in abject poverty" would mean that the person is extremely poor. Abject can also refer to a person's behavior when it is considered to be extremely repulsive.

What does the word "proclivity" mean?

"Proclivity" refers to one's inclination to often exhibit a certain behavior or favor something in particular - especially something considered to be wrong or bad. Someone may have a proclivity to gambling or delinquent behavior.

What does the word "ubiquitous" mean?

Ubiquitous refers to something that appears to be omnipresent and occurring simultaneously. If someone's presence is described as ubiquitous, this means that they seem to be at every location.

Which of these words is synonymous with "gratuitous"?

"Gratuitous" has two main definitions. A gratuitous act is one that is performed for no fee, whereas gratuitous behavior is distasteful and considered to be unnecessary or unjustified.

What does the word "scant" mean?

"Scant" refers to something that barely meets the basic requirements or is barely able to serve its intended purpose. For example: "Her scant recollection of the incident did not provide the authorities with enough information to move forward with the case."

Which of these words is synonymous with "quaint"?

Something quaint is charming or sweet in an old-fashioned manner. For example, a house may be described as quiant.

Which of these words is synonymous with "cajole"?

To "cajole" means to coax or entice someone into doing something, usually by flattering them or making promises when they appear hesitant. For example, someone may be cajoled by a sales agent into purchasing a product they may not actually need.

What does the word "modicum" mean?

A "modicum" is a small portion or limited quantity of something that is highly valued or held in great esteem. "You must have at least a modicum of experience to gain entry into this field."

What does the word "vilify" mean?

To "vilify" something or someone is to speak about them in a harsh, degrading manner. This may cause others to regard the situation or the individual in a distasteful or patronizing manner.

Which of these words is synonymous with "abscond"?

To "abscond" is to scurry away or escape in order to avoid detection, punishment or persecution. A prisoner may abscond from jail and a teenager may abscond with money from her mother's purse.

What comes to mind when you see the word "listless"?

To be "listless" is to lack energy or enthusiasm. Without proper sleep and a good breakfast, a student may be listless in class.

Which of these words is synonymous with "divisive"?

"Divisive" refers to someone or something that divides or causes disagreement between two or more people. Politics and religion are highly charged and can be divisive topics during a discussion.

What does the word "serendipity" mean?

"Serendipity" is when something incredible or valuable unexpectedly comes your way and brings you great joy. Such chance encounters are seen as "unexpected good luck," such as when you discover money on the ground when you are in dire need of cash.

Which of these words is synonymous with "obfuscate"?

To obfuscate means to be vague, unclear or confusing; to darken or throw into the shadow. The salesman's obfuscations bewildered the potential buyer.

What does the word "recalcitrant" mean?

A recalcitrant person has an inflexible and uncooperative attitude. The recalcitrant student spent a great deal of time in the principal's office.

What does the word "admonish" mean?

To "admonish" means to warn or scold someone firmly; to express criticism or disapproval in a gentle, honest or concerning manner; to indicate responsibilities and obligations.

Which of these words is synonymous with "platitude"?

A "platitude" is defined as an overused statement, remark, or phrase which has become dull or no longer holds interest; a cliché or banal remark, opinion or saying. During the debate, one candidate uttered only platitudes.

What comes to mind when you see the word "hapless"?

To be "hapless" means to be unfortunate or to have no luck. Synonyms for hapless include unlucky, jinxed, ill-fated, doomed, cursed, luckless, hexed, woeful and ill-starred.

What does the word "eclectic" mean?

"Eclectic" is defined as a person who draws inspiration from a variety of sources; ideas, styles and elements. A person can also have eclectic tastes.

Which of these words is synonymous with "capitulate"?

To "capitulate" means to surrender or cease to resist, usually after negotiation of terms. Synonyms for capitulate are yield, concede defeat, submit, cave or give in, succumb and buckle under.

Which of these words is synonymous with "tome"?

A tome is a large, heavy book, specifically a scholarly one. It also means a volume or segment which forms part of a larger body of work.

What does the word "inoculate" mean?

To inoculate means to inject a person or animal with a vaccine so that they may develop immunity to a disease. Also, a mind may be inoculated with an idea.

What does the word "reprieve" mean?

"Reprieve" is defined as the formal cancellation or suspension of sentencing, specifically someone on death row; to give relief to for a short period of time; to put off the punishment of. The word may be used as either a verb or a noun.

What does the word "wanton" mean?

"Wanton" refers to a promiscuous or sexually immodest woman, a pampered or frolicsome person or pet; malicious, deliberate and unprovoked (action); being without boundaries or check. Not to be confused with "wonton."

Which of these words is synonymous with "ambivalent"?

"Ambivalent" is defined as having or showing simultaneous mixed feelings and contradictory ideas about something or someone. She has ambivalent feelings about taking the SAT.

What does the word "morose" mean?

To be "morose" means to have a gloomy or depressed temperament or mood. Synonyms for morose include ill-tempered, broody, irritable, surly, snappish, grumpy, crabby and grouchy.

What comes to mind when you see the word "pariah"?

A pariah is an outcast or someone who is rejected from their group. It can also describe someone of a low caste in southern India.

What does the word "maelstrom" mean?

A maelstrom is a powerful and often violent whirlpool located in the sea or river. The word can also be used to describe a situation involving confusion and disarray.

Which of these words is synonymous with "contusion"?

"Contusion" refers to an area of injured skin or tissue in which blood capillaries have been broken; a bruise, discoloration, swelling or injury.

What does the word "sanctimonious" mean?

"Sanctimonious" is defined as the hypocritical showing of moral or religious superiority to others. Synonyms include holier-than-thou, self-righteous, pious, smug, deceiving, bigoted, preachy.

What does the word "pacify" mean?

To "pacify" means to alleviate or soothe the anger or agitation of someone; to bring about peace through compromising. Synonyms include placate, appease and conciliate.

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