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Yellow nails can be a sure sign that your nail aren't has healthy as they should be. Take our quiz to learn how to solve your yellow nail problems.

How much money do Americans as a country spend each year on taking care of their nails?

Whether for vanity or just for good hygiene, Americans spend billions each year on nail care products and services.


Your nails are made up of what type of cells?

Your nails are planes of hard, tightly-packed epidermis cells, the same cells that make up your skin.


How much of your nail bed is exposed above your skin?

Only three-fourths of your nail bed, the part where your skin's still attached, is exposed above your skin.


How long does it take for a nail to grow in completely?

It takes about six months for a nail to grow in completely.


Choose whose nails grow faster:

Men's nails grow faster than women's nails.


Like skin, nails need exposure to what to stay healthy?

Exposure to oxygen helps keep nails happy.


Which of these ingredients makes a nail polish opaque?

Creamy polishes use titanium dioxide to add opacity, and pearlized polishes include either natural pearl (guanine crystals), or the cheaper alternative bismuth oxychloride.


Iron oxides give what color pigment to nail polish?

Paint manufacturers, including some nail polish makers, often use iron oxides as red and yellow pigments.


Can a base coat prevent nails from yellowing from polish?

The primary reason to apply a clear base coat to your nail before applying polish is to form an even surface for applying the color polish. Some base coats are substantial enough they serve as the complete first layer of polish. In some cases, these could cut back or eliminate the yellowing that could result from contact between the nail and the pigment.


True or false: Your nails continue to grow after you die.

Contrary to today's folklore, nails don't continue to grow after death. The appearance of growth in the nails is actually just the shrinkage of the previously living skin from the nail plate.


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