Quiz: The Xbox vs. PlayStation Quiz
The Xbox vs. PlayStation Quiz
By: Staff
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The two gaming consoles have been duking it out for the top position since they debuted more than 20 years ago. Which do you know best? Take this quiz to see which reigns supreme!

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Which game console was developed by Sony?
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When was Xbox introduced to the U.S. market?
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How many PlayStation units were sold the first weekend the console went on the market?
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What was the price of the first Xbox?
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How many units of the Xbox sold within the first three weeks it was on the market?
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Which console has the flagship game "Halo"?
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True or false: Xbox made Lara Croft a video game star.
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This game console originally had a 3-D mascot named Polygon Man.
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Which game console's original CD bottoms were black?
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True or false: The tactical role-playing series "Final Fantasy" is available on both Xbox and PlayStation game consoles.
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Which console had the popular game "Crash Bandicoot"?
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What Xbox executive branded his right arm with the "Halo 2" logo?
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What was the last original Xbox game before everything else moved on to Xbox 360?
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Which game console introduced us to Liberty City and "Grand Theft Auto"?
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True or false: "Elemental Gearbolt" Assassin's Case edition is one of PlayStation's top-selling games.
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Set 1,000 years before the "Star Wars" films, "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" lets gamers explore a galaxy torn between the Republic and the Empire-like Sith. What console is the game exclusive to?
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True or false: The launch of "Halo 2" for Xbox Live was the most successful of any entertainment product launch in consumer history up to that point.
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When did Microsoft unveil its Xbox 360?
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The PlayStation 3 launched in 2006 with all of the following technical specs EXCEPT what?
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Which gaming console has an accessory product with the name Kinect?
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Which game console has a dedicated share button on its DualShock 4 controller for easy game sharing and streaming?
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In late 2005 Microsoft stopped production of the Xbox. How many game consoles had sold until that point?
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What is the successor to the Xbox 360?
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Which console made "Metal Gear Solid" a household name?
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True or false: You can only play Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One.
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True or false: The PlayStation was the first console to allow external memory cards for game storage.
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Which PlayStation horror series is known as "Biohazard" in Japan?
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What Hollywood director was behind the concept of PlayStation's game "Medal of Honor"?
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True or false: Decoy Octopus was a character in PlayStation's "Metal Gear Solid."
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True or false: It takes 200,000 button presses to wear out an Xbox controller.
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