Write a Romance Novel and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status!

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Relationships can be like a roller coaster for some people, and main characters in novels are no exception to this, either. In fact, romance novels portray many types of characters that are realistic and relatable for all of us. Some of these characters find love many years later, while others get their hearts broken right away. But above all, romance novels can allow the reader to escape into a perfect world ... a world where you just might find the love of your life!

But not all romantic stories have a happy ending. Some characters grow apart from their true love, while others put their work or hobbies before the relationship. If anything, a romance novel can teach us all about life experiences that may happen one day. Such life experiences may change a person for the better, which could also allow them to find love later in life. Because a romance novel isn't just about love, it's about life itself. So no matter what your relationship status is right now, you have a unique story that we want to hear about. Write it all down, because there's no right or wrong way to do this. We just want to learn more about you through your storytelling skills!

Pick an era for your romance novel.

Will your book be more of a comedy or a tragedy?

Which of these will give you inspiration?

What will you focus on the most when writing this book?

How long will this particular book be?

Will it be love at first sight for the main character(s)?

Which of these romantic cities will serve as the setting for your romance novel?

What is the main character like?

Is your main character looking for love in this book?

Would you describe your main character as the hero or the villain?

Which of these genres are you going to incorporate in your book?

Will the ending be ambiguous or straightforward?

What type of enemy will the main character face?

Will your main characters spend more time together or apart?

How many characters will there be?

How often will your main characters argue?

Which of these romantic situations will occur in your book?

Is there going to be a sequel?

Which of the following will you include in your novel?

Would you describe your main character as wealthy or poor?

Does your main character have any special skills?

What's something that your main character needs to work on?

How will the two main characters meet?

Your main characters will mainly communicate via ...

How will your main character say "I love you?"

Which of these romantic gifts will appear in your novel?

Will the dialogue be more serious or silly and fun?

Is the romance novel based on your own life?

How do you want to portray the idea of love in your book?

Is your main character more shy or outgoing?

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