Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Tell You What Dog Breed You Are

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About This Quiz

You are a dog, clearly. If you are at all confused by this, you aren't alone. We weren't counting on many dogs using our site, but we're glad you're here. Maybe we are wrong, and we only had you confused with a friendly pooch, which is a kind of a high compliment when you think about it. Either way, knowing what kind of dog you are can be confusing. The task before us then is to work out what kind of dog you are.

Regardless of your actual status as either a human or a dog, you should probably know what kind of dog you are, or what kind you would be anyway if you were a dog. Dog breeds are as varied and diverse as people after all, and you can learn a lot about a person by the kind of dog they own. Sorry! We know that if you are a dog, the "ownership" issue might be a little touchy, but then, dogs did effectively domesticate themselves about ten thousand years ago, so take it up with the ancient man if that bothers you. Don't worry though, because you're a very good dog! Very good!

Are you still curious about what kind of dog you are? Take this quiz and find out!

Would you rather have a great sense of sight or of smell?

Would you rather get your lost dog back for free after a week, or have to pay $500 to get it back in a day?

Would you rather wear a leash, or a harness?

Would you rather play catch with a tennis ball or a Frisbee?

Would you rather play outside in the summer or the winter?

Would you rather track or retrieve?

Would you rather sleep or snuggle?

Would you rather have a couple doggie treats, or some bacon?

Would you rather go for long walkies where you get ignored a bit, or a short walkies when you get all the attention?

Would you rather go for a long walk in the woods on a leash or a short time in the dog run off leash?

Would you rather play in nasty weather or play indoors?

Would you rather chase rabbits or chase a truck?

Would you rather get groomed or get filthy?

Would you rather eat something uncomfortably spicy or go to the vet?

Would you rather live on a ranch or in a city?

Would you rather eat only dog food or only human food?

Would you rather have a Kong chew toy, or a bone to chomp through?

Would you rather hunt big game or hunt a spot from a laser pointer?

Would you rather eat fancy dog food out of a crystal bowl, or off the plate of pot roast that fell from the table?

Would you rather get around in your master's Jeep or your master's handbag?

Would you rather chill and look strong, or run hard all day?

Would you rather do the right thing without fail even if it fills you with sadness, or be naughty and get shamed for it all the time?

Would you rather play in the sand or the snow?

Would you rather go camping or go shopping?

Would you rather spend a night in the doghouse, or go a night without dinner?

Would you rather have a fellow dog under the same roof, or have your master all to yourself?

Would you rather live with an avid sportsman or a bunch of active children?

Would you rather have a job that's part of a sport with your master, or part of your master's profession?

Would you rather be the hero defending your master's home, or have your master save you from any harm?

Would you rather run barefoot on hot pavement or over a patch of thistles?

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