Would You Have Survived the Salem Witch Trials?

Teresa McGlothlin

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During 1692 and 1693, the folks of Salem, Massachusetts began the process of ridding their town of witches through a series of trials that left behind a grim history. With over 200 people tried, 20 unfortunate souls were convicted of witchcraft or practicing the devil's arts. Although we cannot tell you what someone from the 1600s might think of you, we do believe we'll figure out enough about you to let you know whether they would have tried you or not. 

As you go through our questions, try to answer as honestly as possible. Even if our results show that you would have been burned at the stake, we won't share your answers with anyone, especially not a witch trial lawyer! Once we see how you live and the things you know about witches throughout the ages, we think that we will know how well you would have fared. 

Whether you would have been convicted or simply diagnosed with mass hysteria is completely up to the things you share with us. We'll do our best to see it through the eyes of frightened villagers, and we'll tell you what fate you would have endured. Will you do as well as you think you will, or do you have some soul-searching to do?

What can a witch do that you wouldn't mind trying?

Which witchy name would you give to a new pet?

If you traveled back to the 1600s, which job would you want to have?

Are you more like the Wicked Witch of the West or the Good Witch of the South?

Which of the Halliwell sisters is your favorite?

How many times have you watched "The Blair Witch Project?"

Do you have any mysterious birthmarks?

Which character from "The Craft" would you want to befriend?

What would you do with a pack of flying monkeys?

Have you ever dressed like a witch for Halloween?

Do you consider yourself more spiritual than religious?

If you could cast a spell on your boss, which one would it be?

Has anyone ever accused you of being a witch?

Which part of a witch's wardrobe would you wear?

If you were a witch, which type of witch would you be?

Would you ever use a love potion?

How much do you know about Marie Laveau?

Do you currently own a cauldron?

Which of these things is more frightening than a witch?

Do you have a hard time telling when someone is lying?

Which of these fairy tales did you like most as a child?

Where would you sport a pair of ruby slippers?

If you could wiggle your nose and manifest one thing, what would it be?

Which of the earth's elements are you more in touch with?

Which of these sins have you committed recently?

Would your friends say you have a mean streak?

How do you feel about black cats?

Do you feel the effects of the full moon?

Which of your traits do you have in common with a witch?

Which historical era would you like to visit?

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