Would You Be in the Navy or the Air Force?

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Deciding if you want to join the military is hard enough on its own, but even once you decide that you do want to sign up, then you need to figure out which branch of the military you want to be in. Two of the most appealing branches are the Air Force and the Navy. Joining either one of them would be something to be proud of, that not everyone could accomplish. But which one would suit you best?

There are a lot of differences between the two. Would you rather travel the world and go to a bunch of exotic ports, even if you were jammed in a Navy vessel with hundreds of other men, or would you instead soar through the air in a high tech jet, even if it seemed extremely dangerous?  

Are you the type that totally freaks out when you have to fly on an airplane? Do you get seasick when you have to be on a boat? Do you look better wearing a sailor hat, or goggles?  We have so many questions that if you take this quiz and answer a few of them, we can tell you whether you should sign up for the Navy or the Air Force.

Do you have a fear of heights?

How does spending a month in a submarine sound?

Would you be a good weatherman?

How much do you like the beach?

Do you like to go boating?

How into technology are you?

What would you most like to do?

Have you ever wanted to a Navy Seal?

Would you like to be the pilot of Air Force 1?

What sounds most fun to ride in?

Do you like the movie "Top Gun"?

What would you do on a hot summer day?

Did you know Chuck Norris Joined the Air Force?

Do you know all the words to "Anchor Aweigh"?

What would you like to do on vacation?

Have you ever been "Three sheets to the wind"?

Do you consider yourself old school?

Have you ever jumped off something high into the water?

Have you ever wanted to be a flight attendant?

Would ever come up on someone with a sneak attack?

How many computers are in your household?

What job sounds best for you?

Which of these movies do you prefer?

How many trips abroad have you taken in your life?

Do you like having a lot of roommates?

What is your highest level of education?

Where do you live?

Where would you most like to live?

Are you a hero?

Which toy would you pick?

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