Would You Be a Sailor or a Soldier in the Military?

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We know you're a patriot, one that would have no problem joining the military. We also know that you would excel at the job, being an inspiration both to your peers and your superiors. But when someone has as much skill as you do when it comes to being in the military, you're going to have some difficult choices to make. We're not just talking about how many years you sign up for. The biggest one of all is going to be whether you're going to be a soldier or a sailor.

Do you like to travel the world, or would you like to stay close to home? When it comes to combat, would you rather be up close and personal with your opponent or would you like to be giving and receiving hits long distance? 

Probably most importantly, are you drawn to the sea and love every minute that you spend on the ocean, or does the thought of being on a boat with a lot of people for long periods of time freak you right out? And we aren't even going to get started on submarines. Take this quiz, and we'll let you know whether you're a squid or a grunt.

What sounds like the most fun?

Do you like to be around people all the time?

Does being on a submarine sound fun?

How might you work out?

Are you comfortable with a gun?

How would your friends describe you?

Could you handle a grueling boot camp?

Are you a natural athlete?

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Have you ever driven a power boat?

Do you know how to sail?

Did you spend time at a camp on the water when you were young?

Who was your crowd in high school?

Does being on the frontlines during a battle freak you out?

If not Navy or the Army, what would you choose?

Do you own a boat?

Do you own a gun?

What movie would you like to see?

How long do you want to stay in the military?

How much do you enjoy traveling overseas?

What state would you like to live in?

What job sounds fun?

Do you mind being in small spaces?

How many items of camo clothing do you own?

What class sounds fun?

When was the last fight you were in?

Are you handy?

How many laptops do you own?

Your friend has been talking smack about you, what do you do?

How cool is Chuck Norris?

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