Would the Grammar Police Ticket You?

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Are you running the risk of losing your license to practice the English language responsibly, or are you one of those rare citizens with a spotless grammatical record?

Which is the best use of "they're", "their" and "there"?

Which words best complete, "_______ the best at tennis, and _______ racket is this?"

What is the error in the sentence, "I know alot of people who would rather knot shop at that store"?

Which use of "your" and "you're" is the most proper?

Complete the following sentence, "_______ we went to Whole Foods, which is much better ______ Costco"?

Which comma usage is the most grammatically correct?

Which usage of "fewer" and "less" is correct?

Are you able to nail the difficult "its" versus "it's"?

Which words best complete the sentence, "I __________ Jackie on her blouse, which ________ her skirt so well."?

Which title is capitalized correctly?

What's the difference between i.e. and e.g.?

What's wrong with the sentence, "This athlete is slower, more clumsy and more injury prone."?

Which sentence offers the best use of "between" and "among"?

Does "further" or "farther" best complete the sentence, "It is ________ to drive the distance than to walk it."?

Which is the most appropriate use of a semicolon?

Which sentence is suffering the most from passive voice?

Which sentence is grammatically correct?

What is wrong with the sentence, "I should of taken the garbage out last night"?

Which usage of lose/loose is correct?

What is a dangling modifier?

Which words best complete, "I'm totally ______ this band. Can we get ________ the concert?"

Which of the following perfectly uses "who" and "whom"?

Which sentences use "who" or "that" the best?

Would you use "its" or "their" when talking about a business entity?

Which use of peek/peak/pique is correct?

Which of the following is the most proper?

Which sentence best utilizes "to", "too" and "two"?

Which use of the apostrophe is accurate in the following examples?

Which use of effect/affect is correct?

Which sentence pulls off the use of "I" and "me" the best?

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