Quiz: The Worst Video Games of All-time Quiz
The Worst Video Games of All-time Quiz
By: Staff
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Hits like Pac-Man are a rarity, meaning that a whole lot of video games are complete disasters. How much do you know about the worst video games ever?

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Which celebrity was on the cover art of "Make My Video," released in 1992?
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Which swimmer probably regretted his decision to lend his name to a game called "Push the Limit?"
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Which game is sometimes blamed for the downfall of Atari?
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Which Xbox 360 racing title suffered from non-existent physics and an incredibly short story mode?
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Which terrible game was described as a romantic comedy graphic adventure for adults?
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Which game was accused of copying the locations found in other, more successful games?
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Which presidential candidate released a game that found characters taking part in a political campaign?
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1997's "Postal" required players to do what?
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Which game was so bad that Atari buried truckloads of unsold cartridges in a New Mexico landfill?
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About how many copies of "E.T." did Atari bury in the desert?
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Poor graphics and stupid game play ruined this 2001 game based on which theme park?
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Which "Zelda" title received horrible reviews from every critic?
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What was the purpose of the Atari game called "Dancing Plate?"
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Which basketball star lent his name to a so-called "Combat Basketball" game set in 2030?
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The Nintendo 64 version of "Superman" found players doing what over and over again?
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Which famous performer did the voice work on a terrible game called "Outlaw Tennis?"
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Which popular arcade game was horribly received on the Atari 2600?
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Which game crashed so often that it was nearly unplayable?
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Sloppy controls and incessant glitches killed which game?
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Which superhero starred in the super-flop game "Battle for Atlantis?"
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In which racing game do the computer players remain at the starting line and never even move?
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What happened to Smurfette if your "Smurf" character backtracked during the game?
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How long was "Ashes Cricket 2013" on sale before being recalled by the publisher?
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Which 2013 title was panned for its horrific gameplay, terrible voice acting and other unprofessional flaws?
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Which game was delayed so long that its graphics looked outdated the moment it was finally released?
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What did Shaquille O'Neal's character do in his terrible 1994 game?
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Which game tanked in part due to its unlikeable main character?
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