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Some places on Earth have consistently unpleasant weather and downright disgusting climates. How much do you know about the world's worst weather?

Where was the coldest temperature recorded?

A Russian research station captured the temperature reading in 1983.


What was the record low temperature in our previous question?

A temperature of -128.6 F is so cold that frostbite is an afterthought and survival is questionable.


Where was the highest wind speed in human history recorded?

In 1996, as part of Tropical Cyclone Oliva, the winds gusted to 253 mph.


What is the highest wind speed ever recorded atop Mount Washington in New Hampshire?

In 1934, on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, the wind once topped 230 mph; until 1996 it was the highest recorded wind speed ever.


Where is the driest (non-polar) desert on Earth?

Located on the western coast of South America, the Atacama receives virtually no rain at all.


What caused the damage in Australia's costliest natural disaster?

In 1999, hundreds of thousands of tons of hail blasted Sydney, caused billions in damage and sending dozens of people to the hospital.


How much rain does Mawsynram, India receive each year?

With nearly 470 inches of rain annually, you will save a lot of money on sunscreen by living here.


Which country averages the greatest number of tornadoes per year?

With about 1,000 twisters per year, the U.S. deals with far more tornadoes than any other country.


Which country experiences the second greatest number of tornadoes?

Canada has about 100 tornadoes per year; China has only 10.


What's the average high temperature in January in Oymyakon, Russia?

Only a few hundred people live here, but they manage to survive even when the "high" temperature is a brisk -44.5 Fahrenheit.


How much rain does the Central Sahara desert receive each year?

With less than an inch of rain, as well as temperatures that swing both hot and cold, there's a reason that hardly anyone lives in the Sahara.


In January, what is the average daily temperature in Verkhoyansk, Russia?

With an average temperature of -50.4 Fahrenheit, it's a punishing place, and thus, appropriate that it was once used as a forced "vacation" destination for political opponents.


Where is the snowiest place on Earth?

A spot in Mount Rainier National Park is the snowiest, with more than 55 feet of snow each year


In 1936, how big were the hailstones that struck during a severe storm in South Africa?

Between 10 and 30 people were killed by coconut-sized hailstones; 15 inches of rain fell in just 15 minutes.


What's the median temperature for Mount Logan, which is located in Yukon, Canada?

Mount Logan is the second-tallest mountain in North America and has notoriously frigid temperatures, with a median of -17 degrees Fahrenheit.


Which U.S. state tends to record the greatest number of tornadoes each year?

In part due to location and in part due to its vast size, Texas records the most tornadoes, with almost 150 annually.


On which continent would you be most likely to experience the Screaming Sixties, a nickname for very strong westerly winds?

So called because of their prevalence at a latitude of 60 degrees, these winds lash the coasts of Antarctica and often terrify sailors.


What was the highest temperature ever recorded at Death Valley in California?

A weather station recorded a temperature of 134 degrees Fahrenheit way back in 1913.


Where is the Dasht-e Loot desert located?

Dark lava covers parts of this area of Iran, absorbing the sun's energy and creating the hottest surface temperatures on Earth.


What's the hottest surface temperature recorded in the Dasht-e Loot desert?

If you like your steak rare, 159 degrees would be enough to warm up your dinner.


How many mountain climbers have ascended K2, the second highest mountain in the world, during the winter time?

K2 has some of the coldest and windiest weather on the planet, and not even the toughest climbers have yet summited its peak during winter.


Where was the biggest hailstone ever recorded found?

A hailstone with a diameter of nearly 8 inches (and weighing nearly 2 pounds) was found after a storm in Vivian, South Dakota.


Which city has the highest average wind speed?

Wellington has a reputation for consistently high wind speeds, with an average of about 18 mph.


On average, which continent has the driest, coldest and windiest climate?

Antarctica is a desert, one that is inhospitable to most life due to its crazy extreme weather.


What's the average wind speed in Chicago, nicknamed "The Windy City"?

At only around 10 mph, Chicago has some catching up to do; New York City and Oklahoma City both top 12 mph on average.


In 2012, how much damage did baseball-sized hail cause in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas?

The hail damaged and ruined vehicles, buildings and homes to the tune of around $900 million.


Ross Island is located off the coast of Antarctica. How many months per year does the island average temperatures above freezing?

Ross Island is home to McMurdo Station, which has more than 1,000 people milling about, trying to keep warm because the average temperatures never top freezing.


A town in which state calls itself the "Icebox of the Nation"?

International Falls, Minnesota, which experiences temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit for about two months each year, won the trademark for "Icebox of the Nation" over Fraser, Colorado.


What is the average low temperature in June in Fraser, Colorado?

Even as summer sets in, the temperatures hover below freezing at night in Fraser, which sits just below 8,600 feet and is just north of Winter Park.


What was the highest temperature ever recorded at Vostok Station in Antarctica?

Vostok is more than 11,000 feet above sea level, meaning that it may never top 10 degrees Fahrenheit, so leave your bikinis at home.


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