Quiz: World War II Generals Quiz
World War II Generals Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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About This Quiz

These men made battlefield decisions that affected world history. How much do you know about the men who helped shape our future? Take this Quiz now!

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Which U.S. general was sometimes called the "crazy cowboy general"?
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Which Italian general negotiated the Armistice between Italy and the Allies?
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Which U.S. general was eventually elected to become the 34th president of the United States?
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German Gen. Heinz Guderian was known for developing what?
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How many stars did Gen. Douglas MacArthur earn during his time in the military?
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Which Japanese commander was the mastermind behind the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor?
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Jan Golian was a general who helped spark an uprising against the Nazis in which country?
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What was NOT one of the nicknames for George S. Patton?
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Which Italian general attempted to convince Benito Mussolini to end Italy's alliance with Nazi Germany?
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Russian Gen. Georgy Zhukov prevented which Soviet city from falling into German hands?
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Which U.S. general was known for his kind and polite nature?
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After being convicted of war crimes, how long did German commander Erich von Manstein remain in prison?
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How did Japanese Gen. Iwane Matsui die?
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How did Gen. George S. Patton die?
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Maxine Weygand was a general for which country's army?
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U.S. Gen. Henry Arnold helped to modernize which part of the military?
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Which British general was known as "The Spartan General"?
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Britain Prime Minister Winston Churchill called which American general "the organizer of victory"?
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British Gen. Claude Auchinleck spent much of the war in which country?
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Which German general was shot in the head by his own troops at the Battle for The Hague?
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Władysław Anders was a Polish general arrested by which country's army?
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At peak levels, how many men did U.S. Gen. Omar Bradley have under his command?
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Which World War II general earned the nickname Desert Fox?
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Gen. Bernard Freyberg fought for which country's army?
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Which Soviet general told his troops to remember the torture inflicted by the Nazis and that they should exact revenge for all of it?
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U.S. Gen. Ira Eaker was tasked with what sort of operations?
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Mark W. Clark helped the Allies capture which city?
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Which German commander took up the cause of building up defenses on the Atlantic Wall?
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U.S. Gen. Carl Spaatz was known for his relentlessness in pushing which type of technology?
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Which German general signed the unconditional surrender of Germany in 1945?
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