Quiz: The World Rally Car Quiz
The World Rally Car Quiz
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Car rallies test the limits of vehicles and drivers on long, hard courses. How much do you know about World Rally Cars and the World Rally Championship? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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What year did the first World Rally Championship take place?
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How many points do drivers earn for a first-place finish?
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World Rally Car engines have how many cylinders?
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How many miles might a World Rally Car driver travel on a typical day?
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Superstar driver Erik Carlsson drove for which manufacturer?
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In liters, what's the specified engine displacement for World Rally Cars?
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Compared to normal stages, "super special stages" at rally events have what trait?
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Unlike most modern cars, World Rally Cars lack which critical feature?
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What's the maximum brake horsepower for World Rally Cars?
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About how many hours does it take to build a World Rally Car to correct specifications?
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How fast can many World Rally Cars go from zero to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour)?
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A "regularity rally" is also sometimes called what?
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How many support championships are there in the World Rally Championship?
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In which kind of rally are public roads closed to regular traffic?
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The World Rally Championship 2 was formerly denoted as what?
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What is the maximum restrictor size of R5 rally cars?
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Most racing seasons are made up of how many rallies?
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Which driving trick sends the car into a slide around a curve?
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The 1000 Lakes Rally is held in which country?
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What's a danger of the Scandinavian flick?
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The effect of turbo restrictors is most noticeable above which amount of revolutions per minute?
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The Acropolis Rally is known for what conditions?
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