Quiz: Take This Word Association Test and We'll Guess If You're Male or Female
Take This Word Association Test and We'll Guess If You're Male or Female
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: JPM/Image Source/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Word association tests have long been used by psychologists to better understand how the mind works. While there are really no set parameters about being male or female, this word association test will help us guess which one you are! All you have to do is choose the word that first comes to mind. 

As we go through this word association test, your gut instincts will mean more than taking a while to think things through. We will give you a WORD in ALL CAPS. After you see the word, think of the first word that you hear your brain associating with our word. Then, choose it from the possible responses we have provided. 

Once you've completed the word association test, we will add all your responses up and see whether they fall more on the male or the female side. If a question leaves you stumped, choose the one closest to what you were thinking. While some of you will leave us completely stumped, every answer you give will go a long way to letting us know. 

Are you male, female or something else entirely? Seeing how you associate words will let us know! Or will it? There's only one way to find out!

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