Quiz: Take This Word Association Test and We'll Match You to the Perfect Dog Breed
Take This Word Association Test and We'll Match You to the Perfect Dog Breed
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: supersizer/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

With thousands of dog breeds out there, it can be hard to find your ideal breed. Sometimes, we get caught up looking at those adorable little faces and we forget to think about which kind of dog is right for our lifestyles and our personalities. After you take our word association test, we will sort through all the breeds and find out which one you should consider bringing home with you. 

Whether you are simply curious about the dog breed that is right for you or you are looking to make an addition to your pack, the way you associate the words we give you will point the way to the dog you should always consider. During this word association test, we will give you a word in ALL CAPS. Once you read that WORD, listen to your animal instincts tell you which word you associate most with it. 

The way you associate the word we give you will tell us a lot about you. Word association tests have long been used for psychological evaluations. Getting a good sense of your reactions and your associations will tell us the dog breed you can call your ideal pooch. Are you ready to find out? 

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