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They are the giant, hairy honor guards of the 'Star Wars' universe. How much do you know about Wookiees?

George Lucas originally wanted the Wookiees to be natives of which planet?

But in the end, Lucas thought it would bewildering for audiences to see intelligent Wookiees sharing Endor with not-so-intelligent Ewoks.


Most Wookiees have personalities that could be described as what?

In spite of their up-and-down emotional states, Wookiees make for dependable friends, so long as you earn their trust.


What inspired George Lucas to create Chewbacca?

His big Alaskan Malamute served as the inspiration for the universe's most famous Wookiee.


What is the name of the Wookiee home world?

Located in the Mytaranor sector, Kashyyyk is a heavily forested planet that is home to the Wookiee race.


True or False: Wookiees are not sensitive to the Force.

A few Wookiees are able to harness the Force and some may even become Jedi Knights.


After the Galactic Empire took control of Kashyyyk, what did the Empire do with many Wookiees?

Many Wookiees were forced into slavery, often for mine work, where their great physical strength was exploited.


Fully grown Wookiees are about how tall?

But their big head and shaggy fur often makes them look taller than 7 feet.


Why can't Wookiees speak the Galactic Basic language?

Physical traits of the Wookiee vocal cords make it very difficult for most of them to speak Basic, as well as many other languages from across the universe.


In "Star Wars IV: A New Hope," Chewbacca was how old?

Chewie was 200 years old in this film; Wookiees are well known for life expectancy that far exceed that of humans.


When provoked, how do Wookiees respond?

Wookiees driven to anger are a force of nature, as they vent their rage towards any enemy that dares to provoke them.


On their home world Kashyyyk, where do Wookiees live?

Huge tree canopies allow Wookiees to build their villages in the treetops, where they are safe from nasty creatures that roam the forest floor.


True or False: Wookiees are often terribly clumsy.

Wookiees are, in spite of their large size, actually pretty agile, a trait that comes in handy during intense combat.


Why can't most humans fire bowcasters, the weapon of choice for Wookiees?

The draw weight on bowcasters, which are high-tech crossbows, is simply too much for most humans to human muscles


What is Shyriiwook?

There are three native languages for Wookiees, including Shyriiwook, which (unsurprisingly) consists of a lot of growling sounds.


How was Chewbacca's bowcaster special?

Unlike most bowcasters of Chewie's era, his was automatic, meaning he didn't have to cock it in order to shoot.


Why do Wookiees have retractable claws?

In the forests of their home world, cat-like claws are great for climbing, but it's considered a major faux pas to use them for combat purposes.


What happened to Wookiees who use their claws for anything other than productive (and non-harmful) purposes?

Dubbed "madclaws," they were often sent into exile for their shameful behavior.


If you save a Wookiee's family member from harm, how will they repay you?

Wookiees believe in the concept of "life debt," meaning they'll owe you their lives for helping them.


How old can the wroshyr trees, in which the Wookiees made their homes, get?

The enormous trees can last up to 50,000 years.


True or False: Wookiees always have brown hair.

Wookiees may be brown, black, white or even gray.


In which type of environment do furry Wookiees often suffer?

Wookiees are apparently very adaptable creatures, rarely requiring any protective clothing in spite of extreme temperature shifts.


After the Empire took control of Kashyyyk, how long did it take for Wookiees to revolt?

It took nearly a decade and a half for them to revolt against the Empire's cruelty, and unfortunately the Empire was able to stamp out the violence.


In the original "Star Wars" trilogy, how many times do characters to refer to Kashyyyk, the home world of Wookiees?

It is never mentioned, and finally gets a spotlight of sorts in "Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith," as a battle rages on the planet.


When were enslaved Wookiees on Kashyyyk finally freed from Empire control?

Once the Death Star II was destroyed, the New Republic began rolling back the Empire's gains, including their iron grip on Kashyyyk.


What is a language spoken by Wookiees?

Xaczik is one of three languages spoken by Wookiees; Thykarann and Shyriiwook are the others.


As "Star Wars" creators formed the Shyriiwook language, they used mostly sounds from which real-world animal?

They distorted black bear vocalizations in order to construct Wookiee language.


If English-speaking (real) humans listen closely, how many Wookiee words are consistently identifiable?

The Wookiee language is just gibberish and has no real form.


A Wookiee named Tarfful was close to which Jedi Master?

Tarfful became a close ally of Yoda as the Wookiees battled droids during the Battle of Kashyyyk.


How did Wookiees create their bowcasters?

Wookiees made their sophisticated bowcasters by hand, proving their technological proficiency.


What was Black Krrsantan's job?

He was a dishonorable Wookiee who worked for criminals who needed henchmen.


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