Quiz: Wine Country Adventures
Wine Country Adventures
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California's wine country features beautiful landscapes, picturesque rivers and some of the best wineries in the U.S. Sure, you could road trip it and hit a few wineries or stay at an inn near a vineyard, but there are more adventurous ways to check out wine country. Think you know all there is to know about wine country adventures? Find out with our quiz!

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Fact or fiction: Only seasoned cyclists can handle a wine country bike tour. They're too strenuous for a novice.
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Which wine country adventure usually concludes with a champagne toast?
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If you're NOT an early riser, what's the best wine country adventure for you?
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Which of these animals can you ride on a wine country adventure tour?
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If you're new to wine, what's the best type of wine country adventure for you?
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If drinking wine isn't your thing, which type of tour is best for you?
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For the sustainable wine enthusiast, what's the best way to explore wine country?
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Which type of tour is ideal for parents traveling with kids?
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