Quiz: Will You Have a Fling, or Find Your True Love This Summer?
Will You Have a Fling, or Find Your True Love This Summer?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Summer is the perfect time for so many things. You get to go outside and enjoy the sun, go to the beach, party into the morning, and of course, find love. We're not exactly sure why summer is almost synonymous with the word 'love,' but it is. This has inspired us to create a quiz about what you may find (in the romance department) this summer. So, what will you find?

Will you find something temporary? Are you purposely seeking something short and sweet or will your relationship end before it really even began? Will you find true love? As cliche as it sounds, some people do find their soulmates with the setting summer sun. Will you find a fling and true love? Yes, it is possible, and you'll be extremely lucky to survive both in a short three months. Or will you find nothing but fun and happiness, but not with love? Will you figure out that it doesn't take another man or woman to make you be the best version of yourself? 

If you want to find out what will happen to you, in the love department, before the summer is really over, let's hurry and get started on this quiz. 

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