Will You Be a Bridezilla?

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The thing about getting married is that you have been thinking about this day for basically your entire life (at least after you started dating). You have considered everything. You have the details of the dress you want, the flowers you want, the venue you have to have, and even the flavor of the wedding cake. The funny thing is that even though you have been thinking about your wedding for so many years, you still have so much work to do now that you know it is going to happen. You could have considered your dream centerpieces, but working with a company to make that dream come true is a little more difficult when you're right in the middle of it. This is what makes even the most chill people on Earth turn into erratic, dramatic balls of emotion on their wedding days. This is what's known as turning into a bridezilla because you will have no problem curb-stomping someone who looks at you the wrong way on your big day. 

If you don't think there is any possible way you could ever be a bridezilla, answer these questions to find out if you're right. 

While planning your wedding, how many people have given you suggestions?

How likely are you to take a suggestion into consideration?

Your computer freezes. What is your initial reaction?

You ordered take out and when it arrived, the order was completely wrong. How do you react?

When you're over-charged for a pedicure, how do you feel?

Your bridesmaid keeps telling you not to be a bridezilla while you're planning your wedding. What do you say to her the 10th time she tells you?

How do you respond when everyone hates the dress that you like the best?

You told your bridesmaids exactly what you want for your bachelorette party. They give you the complete opposite. How do you react?

If your work buddy throws you under the bus on a project you've been working on, do you get mad?

An ice cube has fallen on the kitchen floor and melted. You step on it with a sock on. What is your reaction?

How helpful has your mother-in-law been during the wedding planning process?

How much have you had to sacrifice from your dream wedding plans so far?

Is your wedding budget leading you to give up things that you don't want to give up?

Who do you call when your internet goes out?

Is your wedding on the date you wanted?

How much longer do you have to plan your wedding?

You hear your bridesmaids talking about how ugly they think your dress is. Do you tell them that you heard them?

One of your bridesmaids doesn't fit into her dress two weeks before the wedding. How do you tell her to get it fixed?

Your mother-in-law told your brother-in-law that she doesn't have to go to the wedding because she didn't help plan it. How do you react?

Your mother is upset that you didn't let her help you pick out a dress. How do you make her feel better?

Has your mother been helpful during the wedding planning process?

Your mother-in-law wants you to have the wedding at one venue, and your mother wants you to have it at a different one. How do you choose?

The day before your wedding, you are fielding phone calls for people who are having problems. How do you solve this?

What are your options if the flowers arrive on the morning of your wedding and one bouquet is missing?

How do you react to a huge zit on your face the morning of the wedding?

What would you do if your husband was late for your wedding?

How do you react to one of your bridesmaids backing out at the last minute?

What would you say to your bridemaids if tell you they think their dresses are too formal?

At the cake tasting, your mother-in-law wants you to consider the people who are gluten-free. What do you do?

How likely are you to go over budget for your wedding?

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