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We don't have to tell you your qualities. You know them, your friends remind you of them often, and acquaintances also seem perplexed by your single status. There's nothing about you that screams "undatable." Right? You take care of yourself, you know how to have a good time and you're friendly and approachable. 

So, why is it you never really get past a few dates with someone?

It's hardly begun and it's already over. Somehow things fizzle out before that, they stop calling (or you stop answering) and there you go, back to square one. Really, you don't get it. What are the stumbling blocks that are preventing you from reaching a level where the relationship becomes long-term? 

Is there something that is keeping you from inviting or welcoming that kind of closeness? If you've been dating off and on for a while, but nothing seems to go anywhere, you might be sending off signals that you're not ready, not interested or simply not someone to be taken seriously. The reason may vary, but we might have a few clues to help you identify common issues that might help explain just why you're still single. C'mon, brave one, be honest and answer these crucial questions!

Your date comes in ten minutes late. How do you react?

They offer to take you out during the week instead of a weekend. What do you assume?

They have something stuck on their face. What do you do?

They call you to cancel a date at the last minute, claiming it's an emergency. How do you react?

If they haven't shown interest in making out with you after a few dates, what do you think?

They tell you they want to keep things light. What do you think?

They tell you you're special. How do you react?

How often do you expect them to text you?

They send you some hideous flowers. How do you react?

They say they'd like to introduce you to their mother when she flies in next week. What do you do?

What do you do when they act like a jerk one night but apologize right after?

What's your idea of a perfect date?

They show a little jealousy. How do you feel about it?

You know you're in love when ...

How do you usually dress for a date?

How flexible are you to change?

Which of these movie genres do you like to watch on a date?

Do you have an ideal person in mind?

Why do you think you're still single?

Do you fall in love easily?

Do you fantasize about your wedding day?

Do you kiss and tell?

What do you do when someone flirts with your date?

Do you ever cry after dates?

How do you feel about an open relationship?

Do you get frustrated easily?

Do you date often?

Do your friends keep trying to set you up?

Are you the last single person in your group of friends?

Do you fantasize about an ex?

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