Who's Your Marvel Doppelgänger?

Khadija Leon

Image: Marvel Studios

About This Quiz

The word 'doppelgänger' is a German compound noun formed by combining the words Doppel, which means double, and the word Gänger, which means walker or goer. The modern definition of the word is translated into "twin strangers" and is used to describe people who are both physically and behaviorally similar to another person. 

Even before a word was associated with a thing or person, there have been stories and myths about "spirit doubles" or "apparitions of living persons," which exist but have the same memories and feelings as their counterpart.

While some people believe that doppelgängers exist because of reincarnation, this theory has been disproven mainly because they can be found in the same period at different locations in the world. For those people who do have doppelgangers, they've either encountered their look-alikes on posters and paintings, in TV commercials and movies, and in some cases, just walking randomly down the street. 

In the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, is there a character who could be considered your doppelgänger? Will this person look like your long lost twin, or will you only share personality traits with them? If you would like to find out who it is, then you can start by taking this quiz!

What is your all-time favorite Marvel movie?

If you were a superhero, what power would you have?

Which of the infinity stones would you keep for yourself?

Which of these characters' costumes would flatter your body?

How would you describe your body shape?

Which of these tones best describes your complexion?

Which of these colors best suits you?

How would you describe your style?

What color is your hair?

How long is your hair?

What texture is it?

Which of these hairstyles do you like to comb?

Which of these is your face shape?

How would you describe your eyebrows?

What color are your eyes?

How would you describe your nose?

How would you describe your lips?

Who have you been told you look like?

How tall are you?

How old do you look?

Which of these other features do you have?

You can always be seen wearing…

Which of these words describes you?

Which of these elements are you most connected to?

Do you like to blend in or stand out?

What would you do if you found out that you are an identical twin?

Where would you like to live?

What do you like to do in your free time?

What kind of movies do you enjoy watching?

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

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