Who's Your '80s Heartthrob Prom Date?

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For many people, the 1980s was one of the best decades of their lives, and for others, it could have passed by quicker.  Historical events include the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the first woman went to space. There were also fads like Pac-man, boom boxes, hacky-sack, Koosh balls, and neon colored everything. Through the good and the bad, this decade was undoubtedly one for the history books. 

With the increase in movie production and musical artists being able to create music videos, there were more celebrities for people to fawn over.  Some of those male celebrities included Rob Lowe, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Matthew Broderick, to name a few. 

Often considered heartthrobs, these people were just a few from that decade who graced the covers on numerous magazines, were featured in multiple ad campaigns, as well as being on posters that covered many teens' bedroom walls. 

If you had the opportunity to take one of these heartthrobs to prom, who would it be? Will you two be wearing coordinating outfits and what kind of songs will you be dancing the night away to? If you would like to find out who to expect at your doorstep, then you should take this quiz!

What is your favorite 1980s song?

What is your favorite fad from that decade?

Which of the classics do you own on DVD or VHS?

Which clique were you a part of?

What would your senior superlative be?

How did you spend your weekends back then?

What did you do after graduating from high school?

What career field are you currently in?

Would you do live in the 1980s again if you could?

Which of the 1980s leading ladies reminds you of yourself?

What was your type when you were in high school?

Would your parents approve of the guy?

What is the most attractive thing about him?

What kind of car would he drive?

Which of these items would be his signature outfit?

What would he get you for your birthday?

You notice your crush while shopping with your best friend, what do you do?

Do you want him to just be your prom date or something more?

Which of these romantic gestures will sweep you off your feet?

How would you like to be asked to prom?

How will you be getting to prom?

What kind of flowers do you want in your corsage?

What color is your prom outfit?

How much money was spent on it?

Which of these 1980s styles would you comb your hair?

Do you want to be prom king or queen?

How is your prom night going to end?

Which of these things are you hoping that he doesn’t do at prom?

Which of these dance movies are you planning on busting out?

Which of these fictional studs from the 1990s would you date?

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