Who Would Your "Harry Potter" Teacher Be?

Zoe Samuel

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Ever since the publication of the first "Harry Potter" book, hundreds of millions of children have dived into the wizarding world and imagined how it would feel to get their own letter from Hogwarts. Sure, the students of "Harry Potter" deal with a lot of downsides: they have no cell phones, computers or other gadgets, for a start. They also have a headmaster who seems determined to hire a long series of chumps, frauds and imposters to teach one of the most important classes. They also have a shockingly high rate of death and injury, and a seeming absence of any health or safety rules. They also face a rather peculiar procedure that involves putting on an intelligent hat.

However, they more than compensate for all of this with the wonder that is learning magic in a magnificent castle. They learn how to master their natural abilities to change their form, make objects move, mix magical potions and care for mystical animals that you'd never find in a regular zoo. While some of the teachers are pretty ghastly, a lot of Hogwarts students are taught by some of the finest minds in their fields. Which of them would you connect with most deeply? Let's find out!

Are you generally a good student?

Can you handle a bit of criticism?

Can you handle flat out cruelty from a teacher?

Do you like challenging subjects?

Do you prefer academia or other subjects?

If you hadn't gone to Hogwarts, what sort of school would suit you?

What position did you play at Quidditch?

Would you ever cheat on a test?

Which student would be your best friend?

Which house would you hope to be sorted into?

What extracurricular activity would you do?

What sort of broom would you fly?

What would you like least about being at Hogwarts?

Would you be able to see the Thestrals (invisible carriage horses that only students who have seen death can see)?

What is your Patronus?

What is your worst fear?

Did you read the books or see the films first?

What wizarding job would you do?

What would you miss most from the Muggle world?

Which wizarding newspaper would you read?

Would you ever be caught out of bounds at night?

Where would you visit first in Hogsmeade?

What punishment would you get first?

How many House points would you win?

Would you get on with a Hippogriff?

Would you do the reading list over the holidays?

How's your handwriting when using a quill?

Would you lie to get out of detention?

How afraid are you of Dementors?

Would you hope to compete in the Triwizard tournament?

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