Quiz: Who Would Your "Harry Potter" Best Friend Be?
Who Would Your "Harry Potter" Best Friend Be?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Warner Bros. Pictures / Heyday Films

About This Quiz

Just imagine the stress the kids at Hogwarts must have endured during their application process. There is only one magic learning institution in the country, so if one does not get in, one must, by definition, study abroad, and do so in one's tweens! Some kids agonize about getting into an Ivy League school, but think about it: there are many Ivy League schools, but only one Hogwarts. The happiness one must feel when presented with an acceptance letter to Hogwarts must be exceptional. We know you didn't get into Hogwarts because we have an in with the dean of admissions there, but what if you had been a student at Hogwarts? To which house would you belong? In which subjects would you excel? Most importantly, who would have been your best friend from school?

To answer this last, most pressing question, we have put together a test of your personality, one that will tell us how your personality traits match up to those of the famous Hogwarts alumni. We won't be able to say for sure in which house you'd live, or if you'd ever master the broom, but we can tell you who you'd have lunch with every day. Take this quiz, and we'll let you know who you'd be friends with at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

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Which of these activities is your best stress reliever?

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Which real world university would you really love to attend?

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Which of these writing instruments would you prefer to take with you to class?

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Which of these items do you deem a dorm essential?

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Whose poster would you hang over your bed in a dorm room?

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If you were in college in the 1990s, on whom would you have an intellectual crush?

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Which of these styles of magic sounds the coolest?

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When you were a tween, relative to the average, how easily did you bend to peer pressure?

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At which age did you have your first crush?

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What kind of book was the last book you read?

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To which sport do you pay the most attention?

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What is the most important virtue to an athlete?

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What kind of school do you think Hogwarts really is?

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Not that you would make one, but if you made a Horcrux, what object would you use to make it?

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What creature would you keep as a familiar?

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Which ancient language would you be totally interested in learning?

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How many languages do you actually speak?

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How much of your recreational time is spent sitting down?

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From what sort of wood would your wand be made?

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What sort of career would you have your eye on, post-Hogwarts?

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With which ancient Greek hero do you feel a connection?

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Which nation's cuisine do you like the most?

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