Who Are You Most Compatible With?

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When it comes to a relationship, you might have the looks, the personality and the brains, but if you're not compatible with someone, you can kiss that partner goodbye. Compatibility often boils down to similar hobbies and interests, but we're here to tell you that there's more to it than what lies on the surface. In fact, compatibility is often intangible, which means it's more about the "spark" and the mutual feelings, rather than both liking "Game of Thrones."

It's also important to never force compatibility between yourself and another person. A contrived relationship doesn't sound like fun, which means that you shouldn't fake your interests and hobbies to become compatible with another person. After all, if someone doesn't like you for who you really are, are they worth spending your time with? 

We certainly don't think so, which is why it's always important to exude your true self when it comes to human interactions. So remember, there's no magic potion, spell or formula when it comes to scoring a date with someone, but we will say this: The more you know yourself, the easier it will be to date someone who is similar to you! If you want to see what we mean, take this love compatibility test now!

Everyone gets stressed out sometimes. Which of the following do you do to combat stress?

If your mood swings were like a body of water, which type of water would it be?

If a job interviewer asked you if you have confidence in yourself, what would you say to them?

Are you the type of person who likes to bring attention to themselves?

Would you use the word "indecisive" to describe your decision-making skills?

Let's say a stranger is trying to start a conversation with you at a bar. Would you feel comfortable talking to them?

You've got house chores to do, an essay to write and 3 chapters of a book to read for school. How do you tackle all of this?

Imagine your path of life within a beautiful type of scenery. What is the terrain like?

Do you want everything to be perfect in your life, or is perfection unattainable for you?

Let's say that you're playing a board game with some friends and you're the first one to lose the game. How would you feel about this?

Your best friend has a bake sale coming up and wants you to volunteer your time for the event. Would you do it?

Are you the type of person who trusts others easily or does it seem more difficult for you?

Let's see how your vocabulary is. Which of these words would you use to describe someone who is nice?

Would you ever backstab a fellow coworker to get a job promotion in your career?

If you could put a number on your interests and hobbies, how many do you think you currently have?

You now have the resources to fund money into one global cause. Which of these causes do you choose to donate to?

Do you think that a small and seemingly insignificant ant is beautiful?

When it comes to the idea of daydreaming, do you daydream more about your past, present or future?

Are you the type of person who likes to work in a team or work by themselves?

Is it better to live a life with no regrets or live a life with many regrets on your shoulders?

How would you approach a person that you've been crushing on for a while?

When it comes to a conversation with someone, do you think before you speak or do the words come out a little too naturally?

Let's say that you could gain super intelligence in one of these school subjects. Which one would you choose?

Match the cleanliness of your room to one of these natural phenomena.

If you had all the money in the world, would you seek a higher form of education?

Let's say that you could put a number on the concept of a promise. How much would it weigh?

If human beings could be unveiled as animals, which of these animals would match the ulterior motives of humans?

How do you feel when you receive a compliment from someone you admire?

Do you think that the rules of life are black and white or are they more in a grey area?

When it comes to spontaneous adventures, do you run away from such activities or do you embrace them?

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