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Sometime in the early 1990s (just after the release of "The Simpsons" series), television producers and studios realized that there was a huge market for adult animation. It didn't have to be as crude and raw as "Heavy Metal" (1981), it just had to be funny. With the success of "The Simpsons," many tried to find the best way to bring adult animation to television. However, for adult animation to be successful, it had to give us a perfect balance of comedy, political satire and quirky characters. Few shows could make the cut, but those that did are still running today, and they are absolutely genius. 

That's where "Family Guy" comes in. This show was brutally honest in its comedy, but the characters showed us a deeper sense of the human condition. They're quirky, fun and a little weird (but hey, we like weird). We follow them and get excited when our favorites show up (especially if they are seemingly background characters). If you love "Family Guy," you've probably had the chance to see the multitude of characters that they've introduced over the years. Now, it's time to see how well you remember those characters. Take this quiz to see if you can tell us who these "Family Guy" characters are.

Which character is a political activist, is writing a book and loves the ladies?

Brian Griffin is one of those characters that you support, but he can get a little annoying at times. Quagmire actually goes off on him in one episode, and we realize that Brian really is a little arrogant and self-righteous at times ... but we love him anyway.

This boy genius was everyone's favorite character. Do you know his name?

Stewie's attempts to kill his mother made the audience laugh. Though it took a while to figure out whether or not people could understand him, it was clear in the first few seasons that Stewie was the boy to watch.

Do you recognize the mayor of Quahog?

Adam West was well-known as Batman in the campy '60s television series. However, he has been on many shows and is a recurring voice actor for the "Family Guy" series. He plays the mayor of the town who has the same name.

She is constantly berated on the show. Can you name her?

That's right, everyone ... it's a Meg question. For some reason, female children in adult animation aren't well-liked, but the writers of "Family Guy" make light of this fact and use it to dig into Meg's character.

Can you name this young character that ended up on another show?

Mark Henry voices Cleveland Brown Jr. on the "Family Guy" series, but Kevin Michaels voices the character on "The Cleveland Show." He might not look like much, but this little character is a comic genius.

Do you know the name of this reporter?

Tricia Takanawa is the field reporter for Quahog 5 News. She's been around since the early days of the show, and people love seeing her report with a monotone voice (even when she's in grave danger).

Can you name this hero from the show?

Joe Swanson and his family join the show early on. At first, Peter is incredibly jealous of the attention that Joe gets, and Stewie just wants to understand how his wheelchair works. However, later in the show, we see Joe's character develop and deepen.

This is a character no one can understand. Can you name him?

While Opie likes to go around seemingly yelling at everyone, there is one character who can understand him: Angela. This makes life at work a little difficult for Peter, as he has no idea what Opie is saying.

What is the name of Lois Griffin's father?

Carter Pewterschmidt is a stereotypical rich white man who loves to throw his money around (and keep it close to him all at the same time). He is high class, but he does some pretty gross things throughout the show (we come to find).

Who is this wild and crazy neighbor of the Griffin family?

At first, we see Quagmire as a horndog with a very catchy catchphrase (when you heard someone say "Giggity" at the bar, you knew not to talk to them). After a time, his character is developed, and we even learn quite a bit about his family.

Can you tell us the name of Peter's boss at the brewery?

Angela is hard on Peter, but she has to be. As the manager of the shipping department at the Pawtucket Brewery, Angela has a lot to handle over time. After Carrie Fischer passed away, Angela was given a eulogy in true Peter Griffin style.

Can you tell us who Joe Swanson's wife is?

For the first six seasons, Bonnie Swanson is pregnant. They even make fun of this fact in one episode, as it seems odd that anyone would be pregnant for years. However, cartoon time works a little differently, and in season 7, we get to finally meet Susie Swanson.

This reporter is kind of mean. Do you know his name?

Tom Tucker works for Quahog 5 News as a co-anchor. Oh, and in case you were wondering, he was born with that epic mustache ... it's always been a part of him. He is a little arrogant and has quite an attitude, but we still love seeing him show up in segments of episodes.

She's the most popular girl at James Woods Regional High School. Do you know her name?

Connie D'Amico shows up in quite a few episodes over the run of the show. Chris loves her (and actually goes on a date with her), and Meg wants to be her. She's kind of a jerk in the show, but people love to see this mean girl.

Do you recognize the matriarch of the Griffin household?

While it takes a while for Lois's character to develop on the show, we soon learn that she isn't the simplistic housewife that people originally think her to be. She has a wild streak, and she likes to get frisky when she can.

Can you name this main character of the show?

"Family Guy" was released after "The Simpsons" realized that there was comedic gold in Homer's antics. It's easy to see why the show really focuses on Peter's antics ... and Stewie trying to murder his mom.

This character has an upside-down face. Do you know his name?

Jake Tucker is a little jerkface kid who has an upside-down face. When he gets in trouble, he likes to make everything about his face, and his father (news anchor, Tom Tucker) likes to defend him.

Do you know the name of the Griffin's family doctor?

Elmer Hartman tries to be straightforward, but he does tend to show a shocking amount of incompetence throughout the series. One time, he even left his cell phone in Joe's back. However, adult animation and incompetent doctors kind of go hand in hand.

He owns the pharmacy in town. Do you know his name?

Mort is kind of a neurotic character. He gets worried easily and doesn't like to be under pressure. His wife, Muriel, dies in the episode "And Then There Were Fewer" after Diane Simmons stabs her.

Who is this slippery character?

Greased Up Deaf Guy can be seen throughout the show, including in a company picnic where there's a game to catch him. We learn about how he became deaf and what really happened to him in the 11th season.

Which of Brian's girlfriends got married to another man?

Drew Barrymore voices the character of Jillian Russell. She married Derek Wilcox, a sophisticated man with many large attributes (as Brian comes to find out when he is trying to prove that Derek isn't perfect).

Do you know the name of the housekeeper that shows up from time to time?

Consuela was first seen at a union meeting, discussing the need for more Lemon Pledge. However, her character was so loved that she ended up being a housekeeper for quite a few people on the show.

Can you name this teacher that Chris Griffin had a crush on?

Lana is a middle school teacher who is busty and beautiful. When she replaces Brian as Chris's teacher, he immediately has a crush. She uses this against him and tries to convince Chris to kill her husband.

Who is this elderly character played by Mike Henry?

Herbert is the biggest pervert you may find on television these days (or any days). He clearly is interested in little boys and has an odd obsession with watching Chris do work with this shirt off. It's pretty unnerving.

Who is this kid who bullies Chris Griffin?

We only see Kyle in the episode "The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou." He steals Chris's paper route, pushes him and even gets more attention from Herbert the Pervert than Chris does.

Which character is married to Carter Pewterschmidt?

Barbara Pewterschmidt is Lois's mother, and she is married to Carter. However, she did once have an affair with Jackie Gleason (which drove her son insane, making him want to kill overweight men).

Can you name the president of the Quahog Oil Refinery?

Lois isn't always a woman of action, but when she gets her mind set on something, she goes for it. Therefore, when she finds out that Bob Grossbeard is sending kickbacks to Mayor West (in the form of hair oil), she runs for mayor. Long story short, Lois starts taking bribes too.

Who is Peter's great-great-great-great grandfather?

In the episode "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father ... Brother?", we learn that Peter has a bloodline that goes back to the slaves. He then learns that Lois's family owned his family in an interesting episode of the show.

Do you know the name of Peter's biological father?

Peter learns the hard way that the father that he knew his entire life wasn't really his father. He travels to Ireland and is challenged to a drinking contest by the man who he believes to be his biological father.

He used to bully Peter. Do you know his name?

Randy was the biggest bully Peter ever had to deal with in school. Years later, Peter decides to get his revenge. However, Randy is now stricken with MS, and Chris stops Peter from fighting him, calling Peter a bully.

What is this TSA agent's name?

Meg Griffin needs a job, and Quagmire has connections with TSA. When Meg starts working, another employee named Larry says that Meg's pretty. That's when Marla strikes. She hates Meg for being so pretty (for a TSA agent), and the two fight.

She was a former lover of Quagmire's. Do you know her name?

Glenn Quagmire was once a Korean soap opera star. He was dating Sujin (who was his co-star). When he returns to Korea and meets up with her again, he decides he wants to stay there with her. That is until he finds out how many people will be living in the room.

Can you tell us the name of this character with a mullet?

RJ is a random character that appears here and there on the show. He is often interviewed in his American flag and American eagle shirt, with torn jeans. He hails from Wisconsin, and first appeared when he claimed he saw a bigfoot.

Who was "The Bachelorette" character who chose Brian?

In an early episode of "Family Guy," Brian gets cast on "The Bachelorette." He begins the show thinking it's a scam but ends up falling in love with Brooke Roberts. Once the show is done filming, we learn that Brian was right the whole time, and the show was fake.

She is one of Meg's close friends. Do you know her name?

Patty is an excellent background character on the show. She makes some good points whenever we see her, and we like to watch as Meg and her friends talk about stupid things that no one seems to care about.

What is the name of the giant chicken that Peter fights?

Ernie, The Giant Chicken, is a character that was obviously meant to fill some time in the show when the story wasn't long enough to fill the half-hour time slot on the network. The epic fights between him and Peter are funny the first few times.

Do you recognize this ex-boyfriend from Lois's past?

While we don't see him in very many episodes, Ross Fishman is a character that really brings out Lois's true character. Peter challenges him to climb Mt. Everest, and when she sees Fishman's attitude, Lois stands up for her husband and backs his challenge.

What is the name of this man who is one of Meg's teachers?

Mr. Ron Berler is a teacher at James Woods Regional High School. He makes various appearances throughout the show, and though he doesn't have very many lines, he's a great character to have around.

Do you know the name of this woman who used to date Brian?

Tracy Flannigan is Brian's ex-girlfriend and the mother of their child, Dylan. She let herself go shortly after having the baby, and her voice changed completely. Tracy and Dylan are both characters that kind of disappear from the show.

While this character resembles another character on the show, they are different. Can you name him?

Obie is basically the Opie of the Quahog police department. He is first seen in the episode "Stewie Kills Lois," and he is basically the same exact character as Opie, except he is excellent in interrogations.

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