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The White House is perhaps the most famous residence in the world. It's a massive building with a pretty checkered history -- would you expect any less from a place that's housed every president since 1800 and is thought to be one of the most haunted buildings in the country?

Who were the first presidential couple to live in the White House?

George Washington got the ball rolling on the construction of the White House, but John and Abigail Adams were the first residents. They arrived in 1800, when the building wasn't quite finished.


The White House is the only residence of a head of state in the world that the public can visit free of charge.

Yes, it's true -- about 7,000 visitors pass through the White House every day.


The White House has survived two fires. When were they?

During the War of 1812, British troops almost burned the White House to the ground in 1814. And the West Wing was devastated by an electrical fire on Christmas Eve, 1929, during Herbert Hoover's presidency.


How many fireplaces are in the White House?

There are 28. Given that fact, we're kind of surprised that there have been only two major fires.


In which section of the White House is the presidential residence located?

The president lives in the center section. The West Wing holds the executive offices, and the East Wing has more public rooms.


Why did President Harry S. Truman have to move across the street to the Blair House in 1948?

The walls and support beams of the 150-year-old building were discovered to be very weak, and engineers deemed the White House unsafe. So Truman had to pack up and move across the street while the entire building was renovated.


How many bathrooms does the White House have?

Thirty-five, along with 412 doors and 147 windows.


Did Abraham Lincoln sleep in the Lincoln bedroom?

The Lincoln Bedroom was actually an office during Lincoln's presidency, so there was no bed in it at the time. Lincoln did, however, sleep on a couch there, and his ghost reportedly still hangs out in the room.


Which president commissioned a jogging track on the South grounds?

No, William H. Taft wasn't much of a jogger; Bill Clinton had the track installed.


Which president gave the White House its name?

Teddy Roosevelt coined the term in 1901.


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