Which Zodiac Sign Matches Your Kind of Attractive?

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

What's your brand of attractive? Are you confident, bold and flirtatious? Quiet, funny and appealing? Chill, sensual and elegant?

Whatever your kind of attractive is, there's a zodiac sign to match it. The truth is, your appearance is affected by a number of astrological factors, and your sun sign, rising sign and Venus can each impact it. For instance, a Taurus rising can give you a big presence, while a Capricorn Venus will give your date night clothes a certain sophistication.

So which sign fits your style? Are you good at wearing formal wear, like a Leo? Do you have pink hair, like an Aquarius? Or do you reel people in with your infectious laugh and kind heart, like a Cancer? This quiz will help you figure it out.

We're going to ask you about your fashion, facial features, personality and hair. Each answer you give us is another clue in the quest to find out what makes you so darned cute! After you get your results, we recommend looking up style tips for that sign, as playing to your strengths will help you to feel good in your skin (which is how we all deserve to feel). 

So, are you ready to find out your kind of attractive? Let's dive in!

What's your hair like?

What is your eye color?

How do you feel about your legs?

Which description best matches your figure?

Do you work out?

Which answer best corresponds to your height?

What's your voice like?

Are you graceful?

Which answer best describes your skin?

How's your smile?

Are people drawn to you because of your ideas?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Do you have curves for days?

How would you describe your cheekbones?

Do you have dimples?

Do people describe you as charming?

Do you have a high forehead?

Are people drawn to your self-confidence?

Which adjective describes your eyes?

Do you have good style?

Which answer best matches your hair style?

Are you a make-up maven?

Are you, like, deep?

Which answer describes your eyebrows?

Do people ever call you elegant?

Do you have a killer laugh?

Are you empathetic?

Which answer describes your lips?

Are you relaxed or nah?

Are you a big flirt?

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