Quiz: Which X-Men Villain Are You?
Which X-Men Villain Are You?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: Twentieth Century Fox

About This Quiz

The X-Men have been saving the world from supervillains since back in 1963. The comic has been a metaphor for prejudices ranging from racism to homophobia since its inception as it follows the adventures of people who were born different but want to have the same rights and freedoms as everyone else. And also they save the world. You have to give people the action sometimes.

While people are quick to debate and choose which X-Men they love the most and who they feel like they'd be if they had access to superpowers, the villains often get left by the wayside. The X-Men are memorable in large part because of their amazing rogue's gallery. A good hero needs a good villain to test their limits, to push them to greatness by offering up not just one-dimensional badness but by providing layered, in-depth and terrifying evil that at its best, you can actually understand. A great villain is one that makes sense, and the X-Men have lots of them.

Now sure, not every villain is the best, but there are some great ones that your evil side could aspire to. Want to know which villain is hiding deep inside your soul? Take the quiz and see!

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Which one of the X-Men would you most want to corrupt to your ways?

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Which of the X-Men could you take out without even breaking a sweat?

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If the X-Men were too busy to fight, who would you go toe-to-toe with?

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Which other villain would you team up with if you wanted to create an unstoppable force of villainy?

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Marvel and DC crossover every once in a while. Which DC hero would you like a shot at?

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If you were in the DC Universe, it'd help to team up with a DC villain. Which nefarious DC partner would you pick?

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The X-Men aren't the only X team in the universe. What other X team would you take on?

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You need a henchman if you're going to be a proper villain. Who's doing your grunt work?

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What turned you towards a life of villainy anyway?

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What motivates you to do the work you do?

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What's the most important thing in the world?

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Have you ever been in an actual fight with someone?

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What's the one thing that sets you off the most in life?

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Are you the kind of person who can make a big sacrifice to achieve a goal?

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What's your response going to be if someone cuts you off in traffic?

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The Avengers have had some pretty decent villains; which one do you admire the most?

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No one really considers themselves evil. So how would you describe yourself?

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Any good villain leads a team of villains. Which team do you want to lead?

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