Quiz: Which WWII Hero Are You?
Which WWII Hero Are You?
By: Allison Lips
Image: John Parrot/Stocktrek Images / Stocktrek Images / Getty Images

About This Quiz

During World War II, there were over 12 million soldiers in the United States military, and over 8.5 million served in the military of the British Commonwealth of Nations. While you can argue that every single one of these men and women are heroes, unfortunately, many of their stories have been lost to time or are only passed down from one family to another, becoming a part of family lore. 

For every million or so heroes who no longer have their stories told, there are a few whose stories are so notable that they are turned into movies and inspire future generations to join the military and proudly serve their country. These are the heroes we remember and find inspirational. We aspire to achieve just a fraction of their greatness because they seem superhuman and manage to successfully complete missions that should be impossible. 

Take this quiz to find out what World War II hero should be your new hero! You will find out what traits made these heroes standout and which ones you share with them. Will you find that you have a lot in common with someone you already consider a personal hero? Or will you discover a new person to appreciate? Scroll down to start the quiz!

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Which of the following words best describes you?

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If you had to join the military, which branch would you join?

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Where would you like to be stationed?

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If you were to join a government agency, which would you choose?

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Which famous general do you admire the most?

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In school, what historical event was your favorite to learn about?

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Which piece of military equipment would you liked named after you?

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If you were in the military, what would be your post-military career?

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Who is your favorite celebrity who has served in the military?

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What is your favorite show about the military?

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Who would you want to see on a USO tour?

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What genre of books do you usually read?

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Which military award are you most likely to earn?

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If you could go back in time to meet a world leader, who would you choose to meet?

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When in Washington, D.C., what is the first monument you visit?

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In which medium would you prefer your story to be told?

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