Quiz: Which WWII General Are You?
Which WWII General Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Buddy Mays / Corbis / Getty Images

About This Quiz

World War II is the war that stands out perhaps more than all other wars. It created the world order that became the landscape of the rest of the 20th century. It set the tone for the conduct of war for the rest of the century, as well as cementing the tactics used for state on state warfare to the present day. It also, to paraphrase Theodore Roosevelt, produced the great generals. The generals who fought in WWII were nearly all veterans of the so-called "War To End All Wars" that preceded it. They had seen the horrors of modern technology brought into the battlefield. They knew about how technology was advancing, what made a modern soldier effective, and the stakes of losing the war they were now in charge of.

Each general in WWII had his own persona, favored tactics, leadership style and track record. Some were known for stoicism, others for cunning, still others for brutality. No two were alike. Those who survived the war went on to live lives in peacetime, either as civilians or in continued military service, but each carried with them the weight of their decisions made during the war. Which WWII general are you? Take this personality quiz, and we'll tell you.

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What virtue did your role models embody, above all other virtues?

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What's your preferred card game?

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Which pre-1900 general do you admire most?

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What one modern weapon do you think would have most helped The Allies, early in WWII?

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Which WWII battle do you think would make the best film?

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How well do you communicate with your subordinates?

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When the going gets tough, how do you get?

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In what kind of weather do you perform best?

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What kind of non-work-related activities do you engage in to make you better at your job?

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How good are you at keeping secrets?

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How inspiring are you?

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Which theater of the war was the most interesting, historically speaking?

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What is the single most important element in war?

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What's your vice?

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How do you feel about the use of atomic weaponry?

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What was the most important military advancement during WWII?

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